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Notice, Permission is granted to reproduce this photograph only on condition that each reproduction shall bear the following credit line: Photograph by Norfolk and Western Railway.
'Scene from a coal mine 300 ft. under a mountain in W. Va., where W.E. Austin, movie cameraman for the Norfolk and Western RR is shown taking what are believed to be first color movies inside a mine.'
Norfolk and Western railroad cars line the tracks next to the Peerless Pocahontas preparation plant.
'These snow covered coal cars from West Virginia look like they might be harbingers of weather headed for Roanoke. These Norfolk and Western coal cars are in holding yards in Roanoke waiting for delivery. Since they came from the west and the Weather Service is predicting a chance of snow hitting Roanoke from the West on Wednesday, they might just be advanced warning. (dd31400doughtie/mbr)1981 AP.'
A close-up view of a modern Coal Tipple at Penman, W. Va.
Norfolk and Western coal car being loaded at a tipple.
Portrait of Hamilton N. Redman, Vice President of Norfolk and Western Railroad.
A View of the Norfolk and Western Railway between a river and a rock face.
View of the Norfolk and Western Railway near a river.
Norfolk and Western Railway next to a river.
Chapter 34, Page 437.
X-1 992 locomotive engine on N&W Railway at Bluefield, W. Va.  The engine is built by Schenectady in May 1910 (no. 47174).
Norfolk and Western A 1232;  Norfolk and Western (#360) with 4-8-2, K-2; #134 and other locomotive engines on N&W Railway at Depot at Williamson, W. Va.
A picture of A 1232 locomotive engine on N&W Railway of Roanoke being serviced at Williamson, W. Va.
'N. & W. #2174 on Roanoke-Ieager Cedar Bluff excursion.  July 11, 1959 at Bluefield, W. Va.  18 cars, 1 bay, 1 diner, 13 coaches and 3 gondolas on rear.'
'No agent here now'.
'Now used as City Hall, War'
'Looking southwest at mile 201.3 about one mile below dam at Fries.  Blair ferry in middle ground.  Branch of Norfolk & Western Railroad on west side of river.'
'Looking west southwest at mile 196.6.  Fries Junction on Norfolk & Western Railroad; bridge is on Galax branch which extends up Chestnut Creek.'
'Bridge on Norfolk & Western Railroad about a mile below Ivanhoe, looking southeast at mile 187.5.  Prospecting shaft for zinc on point beyond railroad.'
'Radford, Virginia, looking southwest at mile 144.2.  New River depot at right; main line of Norfolk and Western.'
'East Radford, Virginia, division point on the Norfolk and Western; Old Radford and railroad bridge in distance; Highway bridge in middle distance on U.W. Highway No.11.  Gaging station of Geological Survey located at this bridge from 1898 to 1915.  Looking southwest toward sun.'
'Looking southeast at mile 138; bend in river just below Radford; 'Y' on Norfolk and Western in left background; line from east through Roanoke branches, one line extending up-river to Padford, Pulaski, and Bristol, the other down-river to Glenlyn, Bluefield, and Ohio points; Peppers ferry in foreground.'
'Looking east northeast along second big bend of river below Radford.  Virginian Railway reaches river from Roanoke and east near upper right-hand corner and follows down east bank of river; Norfolk and Western has crossed to west side and is about under plane.'
'Looking south at mile 127; Norfolk and Western at right; Virginian Railway at left; Churchwood, Virginia, a coal mining town, near right foreground.'
'Looking northeast at mile 105.6.  Pearisburg, Virginia, below and to right of picture; Norfolk and Western to right; Virginian Railway to left of river as in pictures 45 to 55; base of a spur of Peters Mountain in background.'
'Mr. Charles Archer, Athens, West Virginia.  This is a picture of the place where I am teaching. How are you enjoying school this year? With best wishes, Nellie Stinlz, Vivian, W. Va.'
Members of a team of engineers working on the Ohio Extension of the Norfolk & Western Railroad through the Tug River Valley in Southern West Virginia. L to R: Flint, Russel, Wright.
Unidentified engineers, working on the Ohio extension in Southern West Virginia, two men, sitting in the middle, are holding revolvers.
Unidentified engineers, working on the Ohio Extension, pose in front of a log cabin.
Group portrait of unidentified engineers, working on the Ohio Extension in Southern West Virginia.