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'Reading the script for an upcoming Morgantown High School play in 1941 is a youthful Don Knotts, pictured in the lower left-hand picture. The photo appeared in Morgantown High's Class of 1941 when Knotts was a junior.'
'Morgantown High School Band. 1952-53 school year, poised near intersection of High Street and Walnut Street, Morgantown, W. Va.  Head majorette: Rose Anne Lawson.  'The Front Line' of majorettes, left to right: Kathryn Rosseau, Carolyn Cappellanti, Alma Still, Jan Vanlandingham, Sharon Andrews, Janice Riley, Kay Zinn, Carol Maddox. Photo donated by Thomas E. Zinn, Morgantown High School Class of 1952.'
'The Effects of a Modern Drug.'
Tom Gartley at the M.H.S. Science fair.
'Morgantown High School Teacher'.
'Row 1: Richard 'Rick' Gross.  Row 2: Glen Communtzis, Joyce Stonebraker, Sam Marino, Johanna Householder, Kevin Taylor, Mary Kay Corum, Garret 'Gary' Green.'
'From left to right: David Randolph, Sue Wilson, Arthur Hall, Rodney Pyles, Robert Childs, Richard Utt.'
Group portrait of Pep Society members.
Front Row, left to right: Jan Helmick, Tom Lloyd, unknown at table, Marilee Rockenstien (with bottle), Kim Coy.  Back row, left to right:  Bob Snyder, Bettijane Christopher, Bob Verbosky, unknown in toga, and Dick Mullendore
'Excavation for Morgantown High School-18 feet deep. (Wall Street shown).'
Morgantown High School rehearsal for Wilder's play 'By the Skin of Our Teeth'.  In order from left to right, the people in the photo are Marsha Sanders, Donna Crisswell, and Jim Roberts.
A view of Morgantown High School through trees in the winter.
Truck is gone.  Picture displays the damage to the side of the school building.
Arme Lindquist is on the left.
The girl on the left is Linda Bonfili and the girl in the middle is Nancy Cupelli.
Three Morgantown High School trumpeters. On the left is Jim Foley and on the right is Jim Vanaman.
Arne Linquist is the male on the right.
Arne Linquist is on the left.
Students pose for a group portrait in front of Morgantown High School in Morgantown, West Virginia.
A close-up view of icicles frozen on a corner of the Morgantown High School building on Edgewood, in Morgantown, West Virginia.
View of boys doing a rolling drill on mats in gym at Morgantown High School.
A photo of four Morgantown High cheerleaders. Two of the cheerleaders are Joyce Stonebreaker 'right' and Mary Kay Corum 'center right'.
View of the Auto Mechanic's Shop at Morgantown High School, with Z. A. Clark, Assistant Superintendent of schools and Mr. Clise, Auto Mechanic teacher and others around a car.
A construction worker is working at the excavation site of Morgantown High School in Morgantown, West Virginia.
Group portrait of homeroom 104 from the 1950 Morgantown High School yearbook.
Group seated on the stage of the Morgantown High School auditorium before a audience.
View of members of the M.H.S. club Morgantown W. Va. from above. Members include, second row, Teresa Liberatore, Cathy Curry, Brenda Hood; third row, Carolyn Peluso, Emilene Palmer.
Left to right: Mr. Allamoung (?); Carroll C. Palmer, Chemistry teacher; Mr Hollandsworth; and Mr. Jenkins, Principal in a Chemistry classroom in Morgantown High School in Morgantown, W. Va.
Group portrait outside of Morgantown High School Morgantown, W.Va.
Group portrait of Homeroom 311 Class (left to right)Griffin, Kinnan, Foisset, Kennedy, Huggins, Nixon, Huggins, Geiler, Jack, Meadows. ROW--2: Howell, Lemley, Himes, Graham, Ladd, Keaton, Norberg, Mrs. Deeds. ROW--3: Kramer, Lazzelle, McBee, Hinebaugh, McVey, Netz, Fulk, Gregary, Juzinar. ROW--4: Fitchett, Jackson, Holmes, Klein, McClain, Graham, Harner, Goudemond, Lovering
View (left to Right)of Eloise Feola, Arne Lindquist, and Jim Roberts practicing lines for Wilder's 'By The Skin of Our Teeth' at Morgantown High School Morgantown, W. Va.
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