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'Hinton High School Class of 1988: Participated in Arbor Day Celebration Sponsored by Hinton Woman's Club on April 29, 1988.'
Group photo of the band members and instructor in the earlier part of the 20th century. Subjects unidentified.
Photograph taken at Hinton High School. Identified L to R, Back Row: G. H. Harwood, Joe Hayth, Cecil Lively, N. S. Seldomridge, , --Patton, E. M. Bobbit, Isaac Meadows, --Eubanks, Brown Nunley;  Second Row: F. S. Hunter, --Poteet, Tom Youell, Wood Wickline, Clarence Seldomridge, Tom Rogers, Bert Ashley, George Nutting, Ira Wiseman; Third Row: Dick Cobb, E. K. Rogers, Lindsay Burks, M. M. Mastin, Bob Jones, Howard Honaker, Elmer Garten, Deifenbach, W. G. Dameron, C. H. Fredeking; Fourth Row: Bob Noel, Charlie Poore, Henry Ailstock, Lynn Gardner, Richard Thomasson, --Eubanks, --Cottle, --Hout, Tuney Swatts, C. I. Smith, C. S. Faulconer.
A class poses with their teacher on the school steps.
Photo taken of an old class photo at Hinton High School. The group appears to be the school's marching band and conductor. Subjects unidentified.
View of the building from across the street.
Football players sit along the bleachers for their team portrait. Subjects unidentified.
Football players sit on the bleachers for their team portrait. Subjects unidentified.
The Bobcats pose for their team photo. Subjects unidentified.
Tommy Hartley and "Sug" Shull pictured at Avis Field.
Kyle Gwinn,right, and Howard Williams,left, pose together on a field.
The high school football team plays an unidentified team. Players also unidentified. A referee looks on as a player runs with the ball.
Gwinn, a tackle for Hinton High School, is pictured on a field in front of the bleachers. From Hinton Daily News Collection.
The band plays on the field while spectators watch from the bleachers. Referees pictured in conversation on the bottom right.
The high school's football team takes on an unidentified opponent. View from the bleachers show spectators lining the field on all sides.
Jack Dillon, left, and Al Morgan,right, pose with their coach in front of the bleachers.
Patrick dressed in his Bobcat football team uniform.
Portrait of the football team that had a winnin season, losing only their last game against Beckley High School.1st row, left to right: Billy Carl Meadows; Jack Westfall; Robert Morriss; K. D. Foster; Phil Dupriest; Kyle Gwinn; Jack Johnson; Jimmy Hartley; Bobby Jack Crush; Howard "Curley" williams; "Buck" Seldomridge2nd row, left to right: "Snooks" Dobbins; Paul Phipps; Charley Patrick; Jimmy Ellison; Ernie Moore; Dennie Surber; Dutch Holbert; Bill Jenkenson; Tootie Woods; Tink Ritter; Richard Patrick3rd row, left to right: Coach Stan Huffman; Pete Johnson; Bobby Hoffer; Dick Gunnoe; Clifford Ratliff; Pat Shires; Garland Tyree; Carl Houchins; Buzzy Hellems; Tom Halloran; Hammy Brown; Crow Hellems; Coach Harold Beasley4th row, left to right: Ronnie Keaton; Dickie Wiseman; Dave Hess; Bobbie Meadows Pollock; unidentified; Cyrus; Mose Lilly; Ray Surbaugh; Nick Cantrell; Danny Keaton; Chubby Willey; Yancey; and Dough Richmond.
Huffman, left, and Beasley, right, go over plays for the football team.
Bob Crush, right, and Bob Hoffer, left, pose on the field.
Unidentified player in tackling stance on the practice field.
Johnson, a tackle for Hinton High School's football team, pictured in his practice gear.
Williams pictured in his football practice gear.
Players pose in their uniforms for their team photo. Subjects unidentified.
Pictured from left to right, Jack Westfall, Bobby Jack Crush, "Buck" Seldomridge, and Pat Shires. The boys are dressed in their team uniform. The school's mascot is the Bobcats.
Portrait of the Hinton High School football player who later played in the 1954 Sugar Bowl.
A football player at Hinton High School, Bennett is pictured in his team uniform running while cradling a football.
Pictured from left to right, Ed Johnson, Bill McDowell, and an unidentified player. The boys are pictured at Stokes Stadium.
Persinger dressed in his uniform in front of the bleachers. The team mascot is the Bobcats.
Hellems pictured outside the bleachers in his Bobcat team uniform.
Shires, a football player for the Hinton High School Bobcats, pictured running with a football.
Woods pictured in his Bobcats team uniform in front of the bleachers.
Dick Gunnoe, left, and David Hess, right, pictured in their team uniforms in front of the bleachers.
David "Shadow" Willey, left, and Mule Bennett, right, pictured in front of the bleachers.
Pictured on the site where the Hinton Post Office building erected ca. 1925, on the corner of 2nd Avenue and Ballengee Street, the boys play a pick-up game as people observe from the sidewalk.Pictured from left to right: Cecil Hall; Oscar Quesenberry; Frank Pierce; Bill Gardner; Fred Brown; "Fatty" Gregg; Jim Russell; (Quarterback) John Parry; (Right Half) Morris Templeton; (Fullback) Dick Noel; and (Left Half) "Flip" Johnson.The three boys standing behind the positioned team are John Cobb; Ernest Graham; and Worth Wray.Bowling's Hardware store pictured in the background on the corner.
Mary Dolin holding football in the front.Front row, left to right: Voile Turner; Harold McNeer; Ashly Eubanks; "Ram" Harford; Jim Anderson; Warren Holbert; and Sam Bess.Middle row, left to right: Ford Wauhop; Milton Bean; John Faulconer; Herman Fredeking; Jack Hayes; Alton Riddlebarger; and Hobart Foster.Back row, left to right: J. S. "Cowboy" Duncan; Coach (and Principal) Theodore Martufi; Norman Wilson; Buster Coleman; Bob Harford; Coleman Hank; Carthon Haythe; and Frank Tomkies (superintendent).
Front row, left to right: (No. 38) Haynes; (No. 43) Joe Hinerman; (No. 40) Raymond Jackson; (No. 32) Bus Tyree; (No. 35) Bill Stone; (No. 39) Ernie Perry; (No. 36) Bobby Dodd; and (No. 44) Charles "Fatty" Harris.Second row, left to right: Ralph Vass; (No. 18) Jimmy Stewart; (No. 19) Bill Crush; (No. 26) Gene Grimmett; (No. 34) Andy Williams; (No. 41) Basil Gil; (No. 42) Paul "Foodie" Phillips; and Morty Meadows.Third row, left to right: Scott Meadows; (no. 10) Jess Parkers; (No. 27) "Rob" Vass; Earl Ailstock; (No. 22) Shelby Allen; (No. 15) Orbe Meadows; and "Buck" Harvey.Fourth row: Coach Johny Worth; Coach Bun Goff; Manager "Noonie" Meadows; and Coach Paul Smith.
Front row, left to right: Dick Maynard; Tommy Hartley; Jack Dillon; George Harris; albert Morgan; Coach Stanley Huffman; Kay Rogers; Tommy dodd; Dick Withrow; Virgil Moore; Marshall Vansant; and Bill "Stud" Bennet.Second row, left to right: K. D. Foster; Teddy Elmore; Georgie Cales; "Sug" Shull; Paul "Foodie" Phillips; Bill Scruggs; Gene "Mule" Bennet; Tom Pack; Jimmy Hartley; Don Wilson; and Charles "Dadburn" Dobbins.Third Row, left to right: Elraydo Johnson; Snooks Dobbins; Dick Fridley; Howard "Curley" Williams; John Gilbert; Jimmy Jarrett; Benny Neely; "Pete" Bishop; "Bootie" Bennett; and Jimmy Harvey.Fourth row, left to right: "Morty" Meadows; David Lively; Jimmy Burton; Carl Leach; Boyd Vansicle; Stanley Ferguson; Robert Morris; W. C. Parker; and Tommy Hallarow.
Photo caption reads, "Pat Shires led this team of Bobcats in 1946. They lost to the Eagles 19-7 but were hampered by more injuries than one shake a stick at."Front row, left to right: Charles Dobbins; Boyd Vansickle; Bobby Jack Crush; Pat Shires; Kyle Gwinn; Howard "Curly" Williams; Teddy Elmore; Virgil Moore; Jimmy Hartley; Stanley Ferguson; Kay Rogers; and Tommy Dodd.Second row, left to right: Billy Westfall; George Ames; Billy Carl Meadows; Jack Butler; W. C. Parker; Jack Yancey; Jack Johnson; Garland Tyree; Robert Morris; Bobby Hoffer; Phillip Dupreist; and Lloyd Seldomridge.Third row, left to right: Jimmy Grimmett; Marvin Steele; Jack Westfall; Ernie Moore; Richard Abbott; Bill Jenkinson; "Tootie" Wood; Benny Paul "Crow" Hellems; Dick Gunnoe; Pete Johnson; and Tommy Hellsm.Last row, left to right: Bill Apostolon, Manager; "Jake" Grimmett; Richard Neely; Benny Paul Taylor; Clifford "Bud" Ratliff; Bill "Chief' Humphreys; Tink Ritter; Charles Patrick; and Morty Meadows, Manager.
Line, left to right: Paul Phipps; Arnold Lilly; Rudolph Suber; Bill Jenkinson; Ernie Moore; "Mose" Lilly; and Dick Gunnoe.Backfield, left to right: Emerson Carden; Ray Surbaugh; and "Tootie" Wood.Quarterback is Charlie Pollock.
The victorious football team poses with their trophy. The trophy is the Cinderella carriage drawn by horses. Subjects unidentified.
The freshman boys pose for their team pictures. Subject unidentified.
From left to right, Harold Beasley, Dr. Stokes, Bill Garten, and Charlie Schrader pictured on the field.
Weaver, right, signing a check to become the first member of the boosters club. This check, which appeared in The Hinton Daily News, caused 500 additional members and $1,500 to be raised by Jack Ball, pictured on the left. Ball became the first President of the boosters club.
Hedrick, pictured at his book-covered desk, was a teacher at the high school. Note the fractions and number lines drawn on the chalkboard, implications that Hedrick taught mathemathics.
To the left of "Buzz", formerly known as Jack, is George Hulme. In rear is Tommy Joe Hellems. The group is there for a Hinton High School graduation trip in the spring of 1948."Buzz" Hellems went on to Concord College after high school and later joined the United States Navy, serving on the USS Orion. Eventually returning to his home in Hinton, "Buzz" owned and operated Hellems Cash Store for more than 58 years. He served on the West Virginia State Senate from 1975-1976 and was a former chairman of the Summers County Democrat Executive Committee as well as the former Director of the Nationanl Bank of Summers. He was married to Glenda Hamm Hellems for 51 years until his death on January 9, 2009 at the age of 78.
Formerly the Hinton High School library, the building now serves as a museum.
High school musicians pictured with their instruments rehearsing under a pavilion. Subjects unidentified.