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This was the first Mallet locomotive to come up the C and O Greenbrier Division; Notice the carbon arc light with globe suspended above pole behind engine cab. This picture was taken several years after the first run was made in 1905.
Shay No. 6 engine on tracks.  Published by C.E. Armstrong.
Cass Mill in Backround (6 Stacks).
Train engine.  At bottom of pix says:  Note:  Also applicable to shop No. 2248, C&O Rd. No. 11 (1910), built to same plan No. 1586.
Deer Creek sign to the right, houses sit on the left side of the tracks.
Railroad tracks beside a building.
Four horses pulling a large log.   Neither the store nor the railroad building are still standing today.
View of Dickinson Salt Works from opposite bank of Kanawha River. Made about 1910. This is the only picture in existance showing salt loaded on barge for ferrying across river where it was loaded on C&O Railroad. The New York Central Railroad had served the plant for years before this picture was taken, but due to higher freight rates by the NYC, it was still possible to ship by C&O to some points at a saving.
Bird's-eye view of Greenbrier River, Main Line C. and O. R.R. and junction of Greenbrier division, Allegheny Mountains in the Distance.
Rails outside of the Mt. Carbon Station.
Chesapeake and Ohio Coal Cars after being filled.
A Chesapeake and Ohio coal car, corn shocks in the background.
Chesapeake and Ohio and Virginian Coal Cars with a shed in the background.
Chesapeake and Ohio and Virginian Coal Cars with a shed in the background. Taken at the Summerlee mine.
Caption on back reads, 'When better coal is prepared, White Oak will load and prepare it. We are proud of this picture of a car of "White Oak" Lump coal. This picture was also taken without the knowledge of the White Oak employees who loaded it. If you drive past any of the White Oak Mines on U.S. Highway 19-21, in Fayette County, W. Va., you will see many just like it.'
Chesapeake and Ohio Coal cars coming out of a loading dock at mine 207.
Chesapeake and Ohio Coal train cars in front of a community of houses.
Virginian and C&O coal trains outside of a coal town.
Hopper filled with 3 Inch Lump Export Coal Company.
Railroad and houses at the Summerlee Mine.
Filled Chesapeake and Ohio coal car in front of a group of houses at Tams, W. Va.Picture includes: Betty Jean Seals, Robert Church, Doris Williams, Marlene Dews, Leroy Messingbery, Josephine or Ernestine Hill, Whitney Hairston, Wilfred Younger, and Charlene Jennings.
Plant with filled Chesapeake and Ohio railroad cars beside of it.
Loading Chesapeake and Ohio railroad cars with coal at the Consolidation Clean Coal Cavalier Preparation Plant #207.
Filled Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad cars lined up outside preparation plant.
Chesapeake and Ohio railroad cars filled with three different types of coal.
Chesepeake and Ohio railroad car filled with stove coal.
Chesapeake and Ohio railroad car filled with egg coal.
Chesapeake and Ohio railroad car filled with lump coal.
Houston Ware getting ready to board the 11:20 a.m. C&O train No. 14.
Tool shed sitting alongside the RR tracks.
Picture shows the Chesapeake and Ohio section foreman's house.
Man standing next to a freight train.
Men standing amongst the remains of a Chesapeake and Ohio railraod car and other train wreckage on hte railway between Glen Jean and Thurmond, W. Va.
Chessapeake and Ohio train cars full of coal.
Taken at Cranberry mine, Chesapeake and Ohio Coal cars being filled under a tipple.
Chesapeake Coal Car getting loaded off of coal ramp.
Kanawha Coal Co. tipple loading Chesapeake and Ohio coal cars.
Chesapeake and Ohio coal cars full of coal.
C&O depot in Alderson W. Va. Men standing outside left to right: Moody Hokins, Harold Flack, Fred Patton, Floyd Thomas, Frank Bordurant, Agent T.L. Jamison, unknown, unknown, Freight Agent W.A. Hancock, J.C. Boggs (in doorway.)
Telegraph tower located in Alderson W. Va. Operators: O.D. Massey, in door; J Abe Bright, on left roof; J.G. Houchins, on right roof.
People outside C&O railway passenger and express depot (Adams Express Co.)
Telegrapher W.L.Knopp stands on right. Tower was known as "AD Cabin" and controled train movements between Ronceverte and Hinton. Twenty switches to Alderson sidings were operated here.
'Interior of Chesapeake [and] Ohio Railroad Freight Depot at Alderson W. Va. At extreme left, behind counter is the station agent T.L. Dameron and standing on extreme right is freight agent W.A. Hancock (who worked in the Alderson station for fifty years. He was a deaf-mute.)'
Frontal view of the Woodson - Mohler Grocery Co. Wholesale Grocers building in Alderson W. Va. with C&O boxcar situated in front of building.
'Looking East Along Greenbrier River.'
'C&O Train, The Huntington to Richmond Express at the breakfast shop by the Alderson House Hotel on the morning of April (?) 1885. The locomotive is No. 32, and the engineer is ? Noel.'