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This is the first railroad bituminous coal mine in America.  It was at Elkhart, Maryland, between Cumberland and Frostburg.  Opened in 1842, when the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad entered Cumberland.
B&O coal train with a full load of coal.
Mine 32, B&O Fuel Storage Site built to provide additional working time for Mine 32.
Storage site at Mine 32.
A processing plant at work. Baltimore and Ohio railroad cars beneath the plant.
Cars and drivers are lined up in front of the B&O depot, in Clarksburg, West Virginia.
Postcard showing the B&O depot and railroad cars.
View of the roundhouse (left) and other homes and businesses in Grafton.
Bridge crossing the river into the B&O Railroad Yards at Grafton, W. Va.
Winter day at the B&O Machine Shops in Grafton, W. Va.
B&O Hotel in Grafton, W. Va.  Train tracks in front of the hotel.
Man on walkway next to tracks and B&O building.
Three B&O employees standing by two B&O rowboats in water.  Grafton, W. Va.
View of Grafton, W. Va. showing railroad yards and various buildings.  Including pool room and saloon.
View of Grafton, W. Va. At the bottom of the hillside are Baltimore and Ohio railroad yards.
Several Baltimore and Ohio Coal Cars on driving on railroad tracks at an unidentified coal mining community near Grafton, West Virginia.
The Grafton Hotel next to the Baltimore and Ohio Depot in Grafton, W. Va.
Man stands atop the first type of B&O engine built circa 1850.
Two men stand next to Baltimore and Ohio Train Engine No. 578. One holds a shovel, the other is oiling the train.
Baltimore and Ohio Train No. 708 with men in the cabin.  Another man standing on the front of the train, Grafton, W. Va.
Three Baltimore and Ohio workers standing in front of a B and O train engine, Grafton, W. Va.
Two men standing beside car that has a sign on it that reads "Patronize the B.& O. and put men to work."   Grafton, W. Va.
Large group of men standing in front of B&O Building in Grafton, W. Va.
Men standing on the wreckage of the B&O Bridge that fell in Grafton, W. Va.
Men, women, and children gather at a ceremony at the Baltimore and Ohio railroad yard in Grafton, W. Va.
Engine No. 5125 decorated with American flags in the downtown Grafton, W. Va. yards.
Interior of Caboose showing beds and seating area on the B&O railroad in Grafton, W. Va.  Sign in car reads 'Spitting on the Floor Prohibited.'
B&O locomotive No. 5125 decorated in American flags.  Man looking out from the cabin.  Grafton, W. Va.
Many people gathered at a ceremony at B&O railroad yard in Grafton, W. Va.
B&O building in downtown Grafton, W. Va.
Railroad station in downtown Grafton, W. Va.  Train tracks are visible.
B&O Crew standing on a train engine while it's on a roundhouse turntable in Grafton, W. Va.
Crowd gathered at a ceremony at the B&O railroad yard in Grafton, W. Va.
View of Main Street, Grafton, W. Va.
B. and O. Tunnel going under Maryland Heights in Harpers Ferry, W. Va.
B&O Depot in Martinsburg, W. Va.
Seven Baltimore and Ohio Train Workers stand in front of a railroad car.
Eight people and one small child (held) standing beside a Speed Liner train car, Martinsburg, W. Va.
People stand next to the tracks at the passenger depot.
Bridge spans Deckers Creek
Bridge across Deckers Creek in Morgantown, West Virginia.