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Workers of the Adamston Flat Glass Works.
In the photo shown Mr. Richard M. Duez at Adamston Flat Glass Co. Clarksburg, W. Va. as a glass cutter.  He occupies the stall #7 on the top floor of cutting room. He cuts the sheets of glass measuring 61 1/2" long and 88" wide.  The view through the window behind him shows Rolland Window Glass located to the north of Adamston Flat Glass Co., is a sister glass plant to Adamston Flat Glass Co.
In the photo shown Mr. Frank J. Duez at age 60, window glass cutter at Adamston Window Glass, Clarksburg, W. Va.  He occupies the stall #10 on the top floor of cutting.  He is about to place a sheet of single strength of 53 1/2" long glass to be cut into smaller panes.
Shown here is a retiring glass cutter, Joff Rolland standing in front of heavy stalls.
Workers working on a new addition to the front of the building at Adamston Flat Glass; a small tank stack in the background.
Joff Rolland, retiring glass cutter at Adamston Flat Glass, Clarksburg, W. Va.  He stands second from the left.
A rear view of Adamston Flat Glass on Adams Avenue, Clarksburg, W. Va.
Bill Davis, Window Glass Blower, demonstrates his art at Adamston Flat Glass.
Arthur Markum working in Stall #6 on the top floor of Cutting Room; He is the last president of the American Window Glass Cutters Union.
"one of the first [glass] cutting machine."
"Adamston Flat Glass, looking toward Shinnston, Clarksburg, W. Va."
At Adamston Flat Glass, Clarksburg, W. Va., Russell Rice 5th from right; Joff Rolland 7th from right.
Richard Mooney from Grafton is a heavy glass cutter at Adamston Flat Glass.
One of the men in the background is Richard Mooney, heavy glass cutter, at Adamston Flat Glass.
Cutters at Adamston Flat Glass presenting a present to retiring Joff Rolland in suit; standing far left in light jacket is Jim Funk and Jack Swogger in white t-shirt stands right to Joff Rolland.
'Heavy cutter and helper, middle floor Adamston Flat Glass, Clarksburg, W. Va....Gene DeFrancis to left as helper.'
It is located in the middle floor of the building.
A view of Adamston Flat Glass from Clarksburg looking Westward toward Adamston, W. Va.; the river is behind the building on the right; a small tank in operation.
A man in white shirt is Creed Powell, President and CIO and Joff Rolland  at his right.
A view of Adamston Flat Glass taken from the Rt. 19 Shinston Rd. at Adamston, W. Va.  The river is West Fork River.
The lot behind the Adamston Flat Glass; there are freight carts and railroad tracks.
A view of Clarksburg from Adamston Flat Glass; looking northward toward Shinnston.
A view of back lot of Adamston Flat Glass piled with junk.
A view of back lot of Adamston Flat Glass.
Glass cutters at Adamston Flat Glass, Joff Rolland on right, Creed Powell,  President of C.I.O Union on center.
A box of papered double strength B quality flat glass.
A box of flat glass cased in cardboard frame before loaded in wooden frame case.
The final packing process; 12x16 inches B quality double strength framed in wooden case.
A view of the Stall #50 on the middle floor, looking toward north section of the building.
The middle floor of Adamston Flat Glass houses stalls from 30 to 49.  Among those pictured Ed Taymon, Boss Cutter; inspectors; Nester Drolet, Boss Cutter; Salesman; Earl Duboise, inspector are identified (with not specific order).
A view of top floor; the stall #31 is Marion Suon's.
A view of middle floor, Cutting Room at Adamston Flat Windown Glass.  Looking toward east section of the building.  This floor houses from stall #30 to #40; the boss cutter's office is located far right near the elevator.
'Adamston Flat Glass--top floor cutting room, stalls at left side far end were #1 to #15 just in picture & right side would be #16 to far right #32.  My stall was #7 just out of sight on left side behind the center elevator.  My father Frank Duez was #10 beside elevator behind water fountain & heater.  The way it looked to me when I became & app. in 1962.  I was working in behind the elevator on right side in #21....' (Dick Duez)