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1-Mining machine, electrically operated, 2. Electric locomotive and coal car train leaving mine, 3. Shaker screen for sorting coal according to size, 4. Coal powerhouse and tipple.
Sheriff Residence: 1896-1900 Facing Back Street now Washington Avenue. Three women standing in front of the house: Elizabeth Bond Lang (Wife John G. Lang) Etta Lang (Wife of F. Shuttleworth) Susan Hornor Lang (Wife of Sheriff Lq.L. Lang).
Front:  The North Western Virginia Academy built in 1843.  Replaced by the Towers Public School building in 1894.  This picture was taken prior to the year 1886.    Back: 'And don't you remember the School Ben Bolt.  With the master so cruel and grim and the shanded nook in the running brook- Where the children went to swim- Grass grows on the masters grave Ben Bolt.  The spring of the brook is dry.  And of all the boys who were schoolmates then there are only you and I.'
'Built in 1835, the Oglebay Park Mansion House is typical of the Greek Revival in architecture.  The eigth owner of this magnificent home was Earl W. Oglebay, who left his estate, Waddington Farm, to the people of the city of Wheeling for park and recreational use.  Waddington Farm was re-named Oglebay Park in 1928 and placed under the management of the Wheeling Park Commission.  Originally the hub of an old plantation, the Mansion House is an interesting chronicle of early Americana.  Through its period rooms and special collections, it dramatizes life in the Ohio Valley from the frontier period to the Victorian era.  The glass collection has outstanding exhibits of some of the finest glass produced in the Midwest during the Nineteenth Century.  Over five hundred items of glass, primarily of Wheeling area origin, are on display.  The mansion House was comnpletely renovated in 1962 and a three store fireproof wing was added in 1966 through the generosity of Courtney Burton of Cleveland, Ohio, grandson of Earl W. Oglebay.  The addition, known as the Burton Galleries, has one level devoted to the history of the Oglebay Family.'
See original for correspondence. (From postcard collection legacy system.)
See original for correspondence. Published by I. Robbins and Son. (From postcard collection legacy system.)
View of Mineral County Glebe. 'P. S. Minshall, George Arnold and M. Masteller, Commissioners; L. S. Brewer, Supt.'
'Looking north into Virginia 237.8 miles above junction of New and Gauley Rivers.  Virginia-North Carolina State line in immediate foreground; this is the second crossing of State line by New River.  Cox ferry in center; foot of Buck Mountain in background.  Taken about 11:30 a.m., April 27, 1932.  All views are looking upstream unless otherwise noted.  Mileage is by river above junction of New River with Gauley River to form Kanawha.'
'Looking south opposite mile 233 across Virginia-North Carolina line, which river crosses for third and fourth time about the middle of the picture.  State line runs through island at right.  Bridge on U.S. Highway No. 1 running south from Independence.'
'Looking southwest at mile 230.5 across State line into North Carolina; fifth and last crossing in middle ground just above long riffle; Spurlin Ford just below.'
'Looking downstream southeast at mile 229.6.  State line touches river at bend in right foreground.'
'Looking southwest at mile 220.1.  Boyer ferry near middle of upper left quadrant of picture.  Little River in right background.'
'Looking south southeast a mile 217.5.  Baxters ferry near center of picture.  State Highway no. 12 in middle foreground and at right.'
'Looking west at mile 213.8.  State Highway no. 12 along river.  Moore Ferry in middle background with road extending to left up Moore Creek.
'Looking south southwest at mile 208.5.  New steel bridge on State Highway no. 12 in left center.  Dam site of Eastern States Development Company (Project No. 575) just below bridge.  Recording gauge installation of Geological Survey at right end of bridge (New River near Galax, Virginia).'
'Looking south southwest at mile 206.7.  Dickinson ferry in middle background just below island.'
'Looking southwest at mile 201.3 about one mile below dam at Fries.  Blair ferry in middle ground.  Branch of Norfolk & Western Railroad on west side of river.'
'Fries, Virginia (population 1930, 2,205).  Looking west southwest opposite mile 203.  Dam, forebay, and cotton mill of Washington Mills Company.'
'Looking nearly south at mile 199.8.  Dixon ferry in middle ground.  Galax, Virginia, in distance (population 1930, 2,544).  Camera pointed toward sun.'
'Looking south southwest at mile 198.2.  Tobys Knob in left center.  State Highway No. 116 crosses right half of picture.  Foreground is on Max Meadows quadrangle.'
'Looking west southwest at mile 196.6.  Fries Junction on Norfolk & Western Railroad; bridge is on Galax branch which extends up Chestnut Creek.'
'Looking south at mile 194.6.  Byllesby hydroelectric plant of Appalachian Electric Power Company.
'Looking east southeast at mile 192.5.  Buck hydroelectric plant of Appalachian Electric Power Company; Poplar Camp Mountain on left; on right slopes of Round Top which are included in Unaka National Forest.'
'Looking south southeast at mile 190.4.  Carbide plant in foreground; Buck hydroelectric plant in background; substation in center; Unaka National Forest at right, gaging station of Geological Survey at Ivanhoe just to left of picture.'
'Bridge on Norfolk & Western Railroad about a mile below Ivanhoe, looking southeast at mile 187.5.  Prospecting shaft for zinc on point beyond railroad.'
'Zinc mines at Austinville (mile 185.4); old tailings dump in center; old smelter just beyond; present main workings and mill buildings are just off picture to right.  Operatives' cottages in left foreground.  Office of Bertha Mineral Company, a subsidiary of New Jersey Zinc Company, post office and Austinville ferry to right of tailings.  Iron Mountain in left background.'
'Austinville and zinc mines in middle distance; present tailings dump to left; mill buildings in center just beyond town; looking southwest at mile 184.6.'
'Bridge in foreground on U.S. Highway No. 121, which was constructed in 1930 and 1931 to replace Jacksons ferry; old ferry-boat still visible.  About an inch above left end of bridge is old shot tower about 100 feet in height.  Austinville in left distance.  Looking west at mile 182.2.'
'Foster Falls at mile 180.7, the most decided concentrated drop on the portion of New River between North Carolina line and Hinton, West Virginia.  Jackson ferry bridge and shot tower in middle distance.  Looking south about noon.  Patch of old growth pine to left.'
'Looking west at mile 178.2.  Foster Falls mountain to left.'
'Looking south at mile 176.7.  Capper ferry in foreground; Bertha station in middle background.'
'Looking northwest at mile 174.4 about 1 p.m.  Barren Springs and ferry in middle; Reed Creek in upper left entering river just to left of picture; several wet-weather ponds in limestone sinks.'
'Looking up Big Reed Island Creek.  Dry Pond Mountain to left; Macks Mountain to right.  Branch of Norfolk & Western extends up Little Reed Island Creek in right center of picture.'
'Looking west at Allisonia, mile 170.2 about 4 p.m., April 27, after landing to refuel and change film.  Big Reed Island Creek entering under railroad bridge from left.  Excavations to left of river are old iron workings.  Recording gage installation of Geological Survey on bank of river near lower right-hand corner.'
'Looking southwest at mile 168.4 about a mile below Allisonia; ferry just below town; camera pointed toward sun.'
'Looking west southwest; foreground at mile 161.3 about a mile below Macks Creek which enters from left in middle ground; Owens ferry at mouth of Creek.  Pictures 30 to 37 show lands within backwater of project no. 739 of the Appalachian Electric Power Company; Nos. 28 to 40 are located on "General Map of Project" (F.P.C. No. 739-9).'
'Looking south southwest at mile 159.1; Whitts ferry in left foreground.'
'Looking south at mile 155.7 just below Peak Creek (right); Towes ferry in background.'
'Looking downstream; foreground at mile 157.7; shows about same stretch of river as No. 34, but in opposite direction.'
'Looking north at mile 153; Cecil ferry in middle background.'
'Looking southwest at mile 151 about a mile and a half above Radford dam site.'
'Looking across New River at mile 149 and up Little River.  Dam site of Appalachian Electric Power Company near right edge of picture of upstream end of limestone quarry.  road in lower right corner built by company to give access to site.'
'Looking southwest across mouth of Little River to dam site near upper end of quarry excavation.'
'Looking south at mile 147.4.  Ingles ferry in foreground; quarry above Little River in extreme upper right; dam site just off picture.'
'Radford, Virginia, looking southwest at mile 144.2.  New River depot at right; main line of Norfolk and Western.'
'East Radford, Virginia, division point on the Norfolk and Western; Old Radford and railroad bridge in distance; Highway bridge in middle distance on U.W. Highway No.11.  Gaging station of Geological Survey located at this bridge from 1898 to 1915.  Looking southwest toward sun.'