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Unidentified people walk along the pedestrian path on the bridge. Old Toll House is pictured in the background on the left.
Dick pictured looking at a notice on a board. She was a member of the Women's Army Corps (WAC).
Dick pictured on the telephone. She was a member of the Women's Army Corps (WAC).
Looking at the mansion located at the mouth of Indian Creek, on the north side of Old Forest Hill District. A few cows are pictured on the right of the house behind the trees.
The church was located in the Elk Knob community cemetery. Subjects unidentified.
Looking down the dirt road that cuts between the forest.
An old-fashioned automobile makes its way down the steep, dirt path.
An old-fashioned automobile curbs the corner of the windy dirt road.
Republican party members campaign for the party and register people to vote on the corner of Third Avenue and Temple Street. Subjects unidentified.
An unidentified man cuts a cake to celebrate the birthday of President Dwight D. "Ike" Eisenhower. In the background hangs a campaign poster to re-elect Eisenhower as president with Richard Nixon as his vice-president.
A group of unidentified women stand around a birthday cake dedicated to President Dwight D. "Ike" Eisenhower's birthday. In the background hangs a campaign poster to re-elect Eisenhower as president with Richard Nixon as his vice-president.
A sign above the entrance reads, "Democratic Hdqs. for Wally Barron for Governor". Richard Baylor pictured on the far left speaking to an unidentified couple.
An unidentified man gets ready to cut the ribbon blocking the entranced to the building. On the window reads, "Democratic Headquarters for Wally Barron for Governor". The man in the center with his hand held out is Richard Baylor. The woman to the left is unidentified.
From left to right, Barbara Carr, County Clerk; Marvin Lacy, Summers County Commissioner; and unidentified.
Wooden structures pictured on the hill located near Little Bluestone River.
Overlooking the grounds located in Forest Hill District. Cows pictured within a fenced plot.
C. S. Dillon kneels beside his prize animal.
The former sheriff pictured beside his home. Behind him are blank tombstones.
Dillon and Kennedy shake hands on Second Avenue beside the post office. The picture is taken during Kennedy's campaign for president.
Built in 1830, the house is the oldest known standing structure in Pipestem. Archibald was son of Drewry Farley, the first permanent settler in Pipestem of European descent.  Archibald married Jemima Cook in 1825 and reared a large family of 10 children in the home pictured..
Emil Hudel, Editor of Beckley Post Herald; John Faulconer, Editor of Hinton Daily News, and Jim Comstock, Editor of The West Virginia Hillbilly examining the club's books.
Faulconer was the founder of Pipestem State Park and  one of West Virginia's most esteemed historians. A native of Hinton, W. Va., Faulconor's active fundraising eventually led to the building of the Bluestone Center, city hall, a 4-H Camp and city sewage system. His most noted achievement was the creation of Pipestem, acclaimed as one of the 10 best family vacation resorts in the nation. Though Faulconer once owned the Hinton Daily News, he served as a columnist for the Beckley Post-Herald toward the end of his life. He died at the age of 78.A graduate of Hinton High School in 1923, Faulconer spent two years at West Virginia University as a pre-med student before returning to Hinton in 1926 to become the managing editor of Hinton Daily News. He held that position until 1937 when he left to manage Hinton Insurance Agency and pursue other business interests. In 1947, Faulconer and his brother purchased the Hinton Daily News where he served as publisher and editor until 1973 when the newspaper was sold.Faulconer was an active member of the community, serving 17 years as a member of the advisory board of the state Department of Highways, was vice chairman of the board and a director of the National Bank of Summers, and helped organize the Mountaineer Travel Council, Summers County Boys Scout Council, and the City/County Chamber of Commerce. He received countless awards and citations including a special award in 1973 by the West Virginia Department of Commerce for outstanding contributions to the development of tourism in West Virginia.
An explosion in the mine killed 115 miners and trapped 41 for five days. Survivors told stories of chewing leather shoelaces and the inner bark on chestnut mine props to stave off hunger. The men in the photo are unidentified.
Three unidentified men observe the old building.
An unidentified man and woman supervise the children sitting on the saddle.
Ralph Damon Williams Jr., son of Dorothy Garten Williams and Ralph Williams Sr., and grandson of Carlos B. Garten who was a sheriff of Summers County, rides with the American flag across the field. The horse is ornamented with elaborate leather straps and an elegant blanket.
Two horses pulling a heavy load. A man stands beside the animals to guide them.
Two horses pull a heavy load across a field. An unidentified man holds their reins on the sideline.
Looking down the tracks that lead to the tipple.
Houses lined in distinct rows cover the hillside.Bobby Meadows, son of Ramona and Robert Meadows, had grandparents that lived here. His grandmother's name was Edna Meadows.
Ground view of the tipple structure.
Sam Pollock, pictured on the far right with with a dog, poses with his hunting associates in front of their game.
The original cabin, to the right, and a grand addition, on the left, are pictured. The Hutchinson family was the earliest settling family in the Forest Hill District near the Greenbrier River.
View of the home from across the field. The Hutchinson family was the earliest settler in the Forrest Hill District near the Greenbrier River.
View of the home from across the field. The Hutchinson family was the earliest settler in Forest Hill District near the Greenbrier River.
John Lively is pictured holding the fish beside unidentified associates.
Ms. Farley is pictured beside two unidentified associates in front of the switchboard.
Two unidentified women stand beside a board outlining the week's performance.
Two unidentified women sit behind the switchboard at the telephone exchange.
An unidentified man stands beside machinery while listening to headphones.
An unidentified woman watches employees at the Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone Exchange.
An unidentified woman sits behind the switchboard writing.
Mrs. Diefenbach pictured with the horse she rode to and from the cabin.