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In the front row, from left to right, is Terrence Moorefield, Fred Brown, and Boyd Brown.In the second row, from left to right, is Christian Hetzel, George Griffith, Clemmer Peck, Mrs. Carrie B. Mahon (teacher), Reese Capeller, and Stanely Butler.In the back row, from left to right, is William Moorefield, Cecil Hinton, Julian Fredeking, Roy Mann, Oswald Blackwilder, Leo Ross, and Fred Flanagan.
The jail served as the "lockup" for unruly citizens for many years after its construction in 1868. The old jail was located at the Avis Crossing on the location where the Richmond building now stands. The building was later converted into a store.
Hinton's first brick school.
Group photo of the band members and instructor in the earlier part of the 20th century. Subjects unidentified.
Pictured is Earl Meador, Ray Meador, Clarence Knight, U. G. Ryall, O. J. Bowlry, Ollie Hoover, Mann, Ray, Henry Ryalls, Emmett Pack, and Charlie Bishop.
Railroad employees inspect the damage.
A teacher and his students of various ages, are pictured in a classroom. Subjects unidentified.
Photo of the one room school building's exterior.
Photo looking at the building's exterior from the dirt path.
Looking from the front of the classroom, school children of various ages, are pictured sitting at their desks. Subjects unidentified.
Exterior of the building sporting the American flag at its entrance.
Children of various ages, sit behind their desks inside the classroom. Subjects unidentified.
Exterior of an unidentified school.
View of the building from across the street. Located on Block C #1.
Employees John Smith and Buster Waulaga unloading boxes off of a cart. Company building located on Block C #1.
Employees (from left to right) Jim Bob Christian, Wes Surber, Mr. Christian, Ab Wiseman, unidentified, C.O. McGhee, unidentified, and Emmitt McLaughlin.
Tracks running through the station along the Chesapeake & Ohio  (C & O) Railroad. Town seen in the background.
Looking at the building from across the street. Silo Ice truck pictured on the right. Located on Block C #7.
Located on Block C #7, the depot was built ca. 1905.
Looking at the building from Summers Street.
Looking down at the buildings from a hill. New River seen in the background.
House built in ca. 1875 by the C&O Railroad Company to house laborers working on the roundhouse. Located on Block C #11.
Exterior of the house located on Block D #12. The columns were brought by horse and buggy from Princeton, W. Va.
Railroad cars cover the tracks. New River seen in the background.
A train car sits on the railroad track.
Looking at the building from across the street. Originally built in 1894, it was destroyed by a fire and rebuilt in 1935.
Looking at the building from Front Street. Sign reads, "Mark Every Grave: Hinton Marble Works. W. B. Loomis".
Loomis at work in his shop located on Front Street. Loomis carved most of the stones that grace the graves of pioneer railroaders that settled in Hinton in its infancy. Loomis died in 1936.
Loomis sits in the doorway of his shop located on Front Street.
Loomis watches as two cats walk through the yard.
Loomis pictured in overalls standing next to wooden crates.
Looking at the old inn from across the hill.
Starret, left, and Ewing, right, pose in a pretend "face-off" with their pistols. Starret starred in western films while Ewing ran the Ritze Theatre. The two men in the background are unidentified.
Starret, posing on the right, points a gun at an unidentified newspaper employee. Starret played many roles in old western movies.
From left to right: Harrison Gwinn (President), J. H. Jordan (Cashier), C. B. Mahon (Vice President), N. Read, Harvey Ewart, Judge Miller, Mr. Drumheller, and Mr. Brightwell.
Richards pictured standing in front of the gas station which is pictured on the right.
Looking at the building located on Temple St. Three unidentified children are pictured loitering by the entrance.
View from Summers Street. People line the sidewalks while a horse-drawn carriage makes its way across the road. Subjects unidentified.
Four unidentified men pose by the building's entrance. The store windows advertise "American Field and Hog Fencing: For Sale Here" and "The Two Johns". This is became the location of Danny Foster's in 1986.
Picture of one of Hinton's early drug stores. It was located next to the First National Bank on 3rd Ave. Wade H. Gwinn, one of the store's operators, is the gentleman leaning against the post on the left. This three-story brick building housed apartments on the upper floors.
The building, located on the corner of Temple Street and 3rd Avenue, is decorated in American flags.
An unidentified man crosses the street. Rose's Drugstore pictured on the left.
Looking at the corner of 3rd Ave. and Temple St. Subject unidentified.
A truck passes by the line of parked cars. First National Bank building pictured on the right.
Four unidentified men pose by the entrance. The bank is located on the corner of 3rd Ave. and Temple St.
Crowds gather along the street to watch what appears to be a parade. Pictured in the background is First National Bank, H. H. Woolworth Co., G. C. Murphy Co., Willey Hardware, Westinghouse Appliances, and A. W. Cox Department Store.
Hinton's oldest store doing business under the same trade name. Noted as one of West Virginia's finest men's stores. In 1952, the HUB Clothing Co. opened its doors for business in a room on 3rd Avenue.
Interior of the store located on Temple St. A crowd of people shuffle through the store and examine the products for sale. Subjects unidentified.