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Piedmont Tobacco card of American League hurler Jack Warhop. He pitched 8 years for the New York Highlanders/Yankees against some of baseball's all time legends during the dead ball era. The Summers County native is  best known for throwing to Babe Ruth, the Babe's first and second major league career home runs.
Died 1975/07/25.
Freight House Hill in forefront, Hinton Hardware Building to left of photo.
Cook pictured sitting on a log on the Guyandotte River.
The Guyandotte River runs next to the town.
A group of unidentified women pictured on the wooden bridge.
A group of unidentified boys play in the river.
Interior view of what may possibly be the Lee Bailey Store. Two unidentified men are pictured behind a rack of suits.
Interior view of the store. An unidentified woman sits at a desk with a newspaper laid out in front of her.
Aerial view of the farm grounds.
An unidentified man stands inside a pig pen with a very large pig sniffing by his feet.
An unidentified man prepares the field with the help three mules and a horse.
An unidentified men feeds the small flock of chikcens by his feet.
An unidentified man holds a plow upright as a team of mules pulls it.
An unidentified men stands on top of a tool pulled by horses that creates the rows for planting.
The three men pose for the group portrait.
Dr. Early poses in front of his building.
Drumehller leans against the wooden pole.
Photo showing drilling equipment and work shed.
View of the store from across the street.
Home of John Cooke, Sr., the first permanent settler in Wyoming County. The home is located at the mouth of Laurel (now Hatcher). The home was torn down in 1912.
Pictured are the remains of the permanent home of John Cooke, Sr., at the mouth of Laurel (now Hatcher). This cabin was eventually torn down in 1912. Cooke was the first permanent settler in Wyoming County.
Keller pictured at the old John Cooke Cabin.
The couple is pictured in front of the old log cabin.
Two boys pictured with bicycles are pictured in front of the river. This picture was taken near Cooke Cabin.
The two sisters, Laura on the left, pose on the front steps of the Cook home.
Nina, pictured on the left, and Mary pose on the porch of the Cook home.
Alice Cline pictured with her three children
Looking down the Guyandotte River.
Looking down the Guyandotte River.
View of the house from across the Guyandotte River.
Aerial view of a farm house and grounds.
Chafin pictured on a horse outside a building.
Ada, Ben, and Virginia Keller pictured on the porch.
View from across the river.
Judge Miller's home in the background. View from the Avis side of Greenbrier River on Foss Bridge.
Large square house at left center is present day 510 Greenbrier Drive. View of upstream Greenbrier River from Foss Bridge location.
View overlooking the town and the river.
View from Zion Mountain overlooking the rivers.
An automobile drives toward the concrete bridge that crosses the mouth of the Greenbrier River and the Railroad bridge that transported material for the Bluestone Dam construction.
Snow-covered mountains tower over the town.
View from across the river.
View of the building from across the intersection.
View of the building from down and across the street.
Published by Hinton Picture Co., scene at the confluence of New River and Greenbrier River.
Willey pictured with his motor bike in the Avis section of town.
The snow-covered street where the house of Mr. & Mrs. F. S. Jackson is now located where this little building was then. These were the vacant lots owned by Nanie Lynes. The Lynes house set on the corner of Chess & Main Streets where the American oil-filling station now is located.
Stephen D. Trail pictures at the foot of Avis Overhead Bridge and intersection of First Street and Pleasant Street. An old service station is in the background.
Vana Trail on a sled at the foot of Avis Overhead Bridge.
Vana & Stephen D. Trail play in the snow at the foot of the Avis Overhead Bridge.
Portrait of Turner in WWII uniform.
Home of Ed & Lena Turner in the Avis section of town.
Twink Starr, O. Revter, H. Stansbury, Malcolm Lilly and Aubrey Smith pictured by the courts.
Bill Berry pictured on the court mid-serve. Avis baseball field in the background.
Spectators watch on the court from behind the tennis player. Subjects unidentified.
Peggy Waddel (left) and Wilma Shirey (right) are pictured at the Avis Football Field, later known as Stokes Stadium.
School teacher and students gather for school photo. Subjects unidentified.
Father of Bud Shanks pictured at the mill.
Portrait of Shanks in uniform.
Aerial view of the riding ring, ballpark, and stock pens. George Ballengee log cabin can be seen within the ring.
Ground view of the house.
Photo from Avis looking at Coney Island. Subjects unidentified.
A man holds a woman's hand on the bank of New River. Avis can be seen in the background.
Photo taken north from Foss Bridge near Bellepoint. The cabin served as a telegraph office.
Old home located on the corner of Pleasant Street and 4th Street. Jehovah's church was built on the lot in 2000.
Tommy Smith Trail & Edith J. Adkins are pictured on the yard.
Two young boys pictured in front of a fence. The two-story house is catacorner to H&N Ford Co.
Henry & Clinton pictured with a bicycle.
The photographer's wife holding a camera.
The photographer's wife Nellie pictured on the left and Mrs. Baber is on the right.
Baber dressed in a winter coat poses by a tree outside of a home.
A man and his two children relax on the porch swing. Subjects unidentified.
The family poses on the porch. Subjects unidentified.
A row of houses with the Greenbrier School in the background to the left.
"Ram" Harford & "Moody" Burdette pictured in the water.
Site of the earliest general store built in town. It was owned by a Hinton family. It has since been converted into an apartment complex.
A group of boys wade in the knee-high flood water. Subjects unidentified.
Anderson was a nationally known columnist for the Charleston Gazette and later the Daily Mail. He started his career with the Hinton Daily News.
Water levels rise to rooftops and fence lines. In the distance are shacks nearly submerged.
Workers move to steady the ferry as it approaches its destination while passengers standby with their livestock. Subjects unidentified.
George Hoover pictured on the ferry's rail traveling across New River.
Passengers and an automobile are loaded onto the boat as workers move to send it on its way.
A family poses on the ferry boat docked by the river bank. Subjects unidentified.
View from across the lot. Two workers pose in front of the shop.
View of the damage overlooking the river.
View of the damage from the bridge.
Unidentified workers examine the damage along the C&O railroad.
A group examines the damage of the wreck along the C&O railroad.
View from the tracks of the damage on the C&O railroad.
View from farther down the C&O railroad tracks of a group examining the wreck's damage.
View of the derailed C&O train car.