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Wrecked locomotive on the Nicholas, Fayette & Greenbrier Railroad, a coal feeder line between Swiss, Nicholas County and Rainelle.
Photograph taken in front of the Railroad Section House, where Frank Long, uncle of Roy Long, lived.
Train maintenance workers L to R : A. C. Via, Noah Richmond, "Big Boy" Karnes
Preacher Eddie Martin delivers a sermon outside the locker room.
Unidentified railroad workers pose on a locomotive.
L to R: Tim Young; Clyde Shorter; Onva Gill; Kyle Davis; Ed Harris; unidentified; Joe Meadows; Ote Gill; Carl Edwards; Charlie Harvey; Raymond Shorter; A. C. Via; Clifford Harvey; Emmett Shirley; Charles Turner; Erskine Richmond; Bob Richmond; Basil Martin; Noah Richmond; Roy Snidow; Bill Richards; Howard Harford; Dempsey Plumley; Talmadge Reed; Paul York; Jack Breen; Jake Bennett; Wendell Bowles; Delmer Thurman Parker; Dewey Lester
C & O Railroad's mallet engine on track in Mount Hope, West Virginia.
A portrait of Father Jenkens of St Patrick's Catholic Church. The church was located in Summers County, West Virginia.
A family photograph of Jake Keatley's family on Keatley Farm, no members are identified. The farm was located in the Forest Hill District. Inscribed on the back of the photograph: "Hinton Daily News Collection from Jim Pettrey to Stephen Trail 11/16/1996".
Left to right: Wild Balland, Geo Meadows, Ed Cunsh, Bill Cunsh, Mr. Balleneng, J. L. Keatley and John Cunsh. Shows the men with several hunting dogs and their hunted rabbits.
Pictured are Ed Dyke, Shan Rose, Ed Rose and W. J. Taylor. The men caught 38 black bass. Dyke and the two Roses are from Hinton, West Virginia and Taylor is from Cincinnati, Ohio. Inscribed on the back: "from Miller Murrel to Stephen Trail 2009."
All of the persons in the photograph are unidentified, including the hotel. Possibly a Chesapeake & Ohio  (C & O) industrial style architecture in the background in Hinton. Inscribed on the back is "Purchased by Stephen Trail in Hinton West Virginia."
Inscribed on back: "Believed to be early hotel (on the corner of 5th Avenue and Front = conjecture) in Hinton. Possibly Rudisell 2nd from L, standing [All other persons are unidentified]. Hotel staff is posed in front of the entrance steps,leading to a wide wrap-around porch with double door entrance.Tall multi-story masonry bldgs appear in R beyond porch. Purchased by Stephen Trail in Hinton West Virginia."
All persons in the picture are unidentified and believed to be the staff of a hotel dining room. The woman in the bow-tie and the man in the lapel jacket are also pictured another portrait of the staff (id # 039226). Inscribed on the back "Possibly C & O architecture in background; Purchased by Stephen Trail in Hinton, West Virginia."
Group of Confederate Veterans at Forest Hill Primitive Baptist Church. None are identified. Inscribed on the back: "Given to Stephen Trail by Mary Shumate Feb. 1984." Mike Foster belonged to the Monroe Guards, 27th Virginia Infantry, "Stonewall" Brigade.
Portrait of Confederate Veterans in Beckley, Raleigh County, West Virginia. All persons are identified only as Confederate Veterans. The photograph was donated to Stephen Trail by the Hinton Daily News, 6/17/1996. The photograph was donated to the newspaper by Blanche Callaham, American History teacher at Hinton High School.
Top Row L to R:1. R. L. Payne; 2. G. W. Coleman; 3. J. W. Bess; 4. C. D. Roberts; 5. E. F. Wicker; 6. C. C. Burk; 7. Robert Jones; 8. J. A. Snead; 9. B. E. Parker; 10. F. Ball; 11. B. H. Fox; 12. M. W. Hughes; 13. J. D. Surber; 14. M. H. McDowell; 15. W. T. Sigler; 16. J. F. Smith; 17. W. B. Ritchie; 18. J. H. Massie; 19. H. P. Youell; 20. J. A. O'Leary; 21. F. C. Utterback; 22. T. H. Viar;  23. W. S. Thomas;   24. J. E. Perkins; 25. W. D. Vallandingham; 26. J. A. Chattin; 27. B. L. Nunnaly; 28. A. R. Sydnor; 29. C. T. Nunnaly; 30. C. E. Glass; 31. E. T. Miles. The photograph belonged to W. W. Jackson
Portrait of the Hinton YMCA, taken outside on porch steps. The man with the beard is John R. Mott and the man in the 2nd row, 1st from right is G. K. Roper. All others are not identified. The photograph was given to Stephen Trail by Melvin Plumley.
Group portrait of the Division Street Group City Water Works, probably in Hinton, West Virginia. No one in the photograph identified. This photograph was purchased by Stephen Trail in Hinton, West Virginia.
Graduation photograph from Ethel Maybury Academy. Three girls are identified: Sadie Louise Richards, Winchester, Virginia; Virginia Clyde Joyce, Gambrills, Maryland; Onea Clyde Clatte, Hinton, West Virginia. Inscribed on the back: " From Jim Pettrey of the Hinton Daily News Collection to Stephen Trail."
The group of approximately 60 men, wearing bowler, panama and fedora hats, posing with an Irish harp, fiddles, cooking pots and an 8 foot stove-pipe. It was believed to be taken at the Green Sulphur Annual Fair. The man at the extreme right is Timothy Field but all others are unidentified. Other information inscribed on the back includes: "Suspension construction walled circular tent, 2 poles & 4 guide wires, see tent peg at extreme left, Privy at extreme right ...". The photograph was purchased by Stephen Trail in Hinton, West Virginia.
Photograph of an unidentified male community song group. Probably taken at the Green Sulphur Annual Fair in Summers County. Two men in sleeveless shirts are pictured in another group photograph (id # 039235). This photo was purchased by Stephen Trail in Hinton, West Virginia.
Photograph of the Hinton Drug Store on 3rd Avenue. Pictured are Wade H. Gwinn, Ed Rose and Mr. Sawyers. The photograph was given to Stephen Trail by Jim Pettrey from the Hinton Daily News Collection.
Unidentified men and women socialize on porch of the Flanagan Cabin in Summers County.
Unidentified group of men and boys lined up, facing the camera, on Ballengee Street.
Spectators cram in the market pews as they await the showing of animals for sale.
People gather across the pews as they await the showing of animals for sale.
View from the exterior of the market building. Automobiles are seen carting animals away through the crowded road.
McLaughlin, pictured on the right, speaks with two of his Alderson High School players. He coached and taught at the school from 1936 to 1962.
Portrait of the Alderson High School football coach. McLaughlin coached and taught at the school from 1936 to 1962.
Exterior of the house pictured. The house was builtin 1815 in Muddy Creek, Greenbrier Valley.
Man poses by his horse drawn carriage. He was killed on July 14, 1919 near the Red Bank in the Forest Hill district.
Man pictured in front of the buggy is John W. Willey.
Portrait of Cook in uniform at Ft. Jackson, South Carolina.
A crowd gathers around the new Ford automobiles parked in front of the store lot.
Photo of the car lot exhibiting Ford vehicles.
Looking south east at the rail road bridge by the Bluestone Dam construction.
The area was the location of the H&N parking lot in 1987.
H&N Ford parking lot was located on this lot in 1987.
In the background, the Merrix men are working on the land with the Ayers'.
Two horses stand outside of the farm house located in the rocky terrain.
View from behind the fence showing the mountains in the distance.
Workers and their horses pictured on the farm on Barksdale Mountain.
Basil Ayers pictured on his land with his dogs.
Ballard photographed at the 2nd Avenue Esso Station toward Temple Street from the Hinton Daily News Office, which, by 2001, was occupied by City Holding Bank Parking Lot.
People pictured in front of the home and inside the gazebo on the grounds. No subjects identified.
People sit on the porch of the fenced off building. No subjects identified.
Unidentified man pulls up water from a well.
Unidentified employee working on the roof of the gazebo.
Unidentified employees working on the construction site.
"Early 20th century camp typical of the Hinton set that spent their summers there."
Photo of the renovated gazebo.
Unidentified boy plays by the rocks int he creek.
(From left to right) Dorothy Daly, Robert Turner, and Andy Timberlake sit on the porch steps.
Guests choose to relax on the porch or horseback ride across the lawn.
Aerial view of the river in Summers county.
Aerial view of the river in Summers county.
Two unidentified subjects climb along the rocks that tower above the river.
Two unidentified subjects sit by the bank of the river and enjoy the scenery.
A group of unidentified subjects pose infront of the old mill.
The hotel, pictured on the far right, sits close to the river.
Subjets numbered: 1. Miller Murrell; 2. Jim Brown; 3. Becky Turner; 4. Mary Margaret Kesler; 5. Bill Brown, Jr.; 6. Barbara Murrell; 7. Margaret Kesler; 8. Mrs. Percy Brown; 9. Mrs. Margaret Turner; 10. Jim Brown; 11. Martha Jane Alderson; 12. Lillian Alderson; 13. Edith Cundiff; 14. Mary Grimmett; 15. Mary Alice Phillips; 16. Mary E. Spencer; 17. Elizabeth Hanifan; 18. Wm. Meador; 19. Paul Phillips; 20. John Holstein; 21. Bill Kesler; 22. Rory Walker
View of the building's exterior.
1st row, L to R: Dough Richmond, Dickie Wiseman, Johnny "Stooge" Stewart, "Rowhandle" Keaton, David Hess, Emerson Carden, Jimmy Kerr, and Jimmy Harvery. 2nd row, L to R: Dwight Shirey, Randy Scott, Bobby Ratliff, Bobby Webb, Paul Phipps, Glen McCormick, Bill Humphreys, "Hammy" Brown, "Chubby" Willey, and Coach "Buck" Porterfield.
Front row, L to R: Toots Rogers, Benny Hess, Charlie Lane, Willey Aihstock, and unidentified. Back row, L to R: Buff Collins, Footy Stover, John Fisher, Windy Waid, Josh Fox, and unidentified.
Front row, L to R: Dutch Holbert, Charlie Cales, Jack Ballangee, Kyle Gwuinn, "Utt" Goff, "Buck" Porterfield, Jack Rogers, Jack Johnson, and Bobby Jack Crush.  2nd row, L to R: "Bud" Maddy, Donald Keffer, Bill Iddings, Jimmy Thompson, "AP" Terry, Jess Parker, and unidentified.
Unidentified subjects pose for a group photo behind the bleachers.
African-American members of the "Dodgers" pose for their team photo.
"Reds" pose for their team photo.
"Braves" gather for a team meeting where a coach hands a trophy to one of his players.
First row, L to R: Richmond, Wiseman, Stewart, Keaton, Hess, Carden, Kerr, Harvey.  Second row, L to R: Shirey, Scott, Ratliff, Webb, Phipps, McCormic, Humphries, Brown, Willey, and Porterfield.
Player and coach of the Hinton baseball team pictured in the adjacent Mercer county, probably for a game.
Unidentified players sit together in front of the on-looking crowd.
Victorious Hinton baseball team pose behind their neatly lined up baseball bats. Subjects unidentified.
One of the earliest baseball teams known to Hinton.Starting in the back row, from left to right, is Edgar Noel, "Bootie" Brown, C. Templeton, Bob Hoover, Owen Miller, Ernest Bond, Ott Morton, Charlie Kline, Frank Sweeny, Forest Bradenberg, and Irvin Maxwell.
Team portrait on the steps of the high school. Subjects unidentified.
Unidentified persons gather to play a game of basketball.
Top right is Fannie Quisenberry. The rest of the players are unidentified.
Pictured in back row is "Bun" Goff and "Buck" Porterfield. Remaining subjects unidentified.
Front row, L to R: "Cubby" Willey, Frank "Frenchie" Lilly, Robert Morriss. Second row, L to R: Coach Harold Beasley, George Dosch, Jack Westfall, Bill Jenkinson, Johny "Stooge" Stewert. Third row, L to R: Paul Phipps, Lawerence "Mose" Lilly, Jack Rogers, Dick Gunnoe, "Dutch" Holbert, Pat Shires
Thompson, a ticket agent, pictured infront of the hotel.
Unidentified employees crushing cane.
An employee crushes cane while he supervisor oversees the job site. Subject unidentified.
View from the shoreline of the Bluestone Reservoir, looking south from the campground.
View from the shoreline of the Bluestone Reservoir, looking north from the campground.
Photo of the church exterior and entrance.
View of the city from the John Henry Statue on the mountain above the Great Bend Tunnel (aka "Big Bend Tunnel") looking up the Greenbrier River.
The tunnel (also known as "Big Bend Tunnel) is located 10 miles east of Hinton, W. Va. ont he Chesapeake & Ohio Railway. it is the longest tunnel on the C&O Railroad at 6,450 feet and was built from 1870-1872. The tunnel is now closed.
View of the tunnel from the Hilldale side, near Hinton, W. Va..