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A man and a woman are posed at the gate which helped keep animals out of the Webster Springs Hotel bottom.
The hotel manager at the time of the picture was George A. Hechmer.
Side view of the bridge and new hotel.
Men posed for a portrait in front of a train.
The barn is the location "where the first Church services in Webster County were held in 1833."
Railroad at Skyles near Birch River.
Outing probably around Birch River.
Picture of a wooden building next to the Birch River.
Portrait of group in front of the hotel. Later became the Clifton Hotel.
Camden on Gauley was first known as Lanes Bottom.
"This mill was for the Cherry River Boom Lumber Co., Gauley Mills was first known as Camden on Gauley."
Workers of Gauley Mills posed for a group portrait.
Girl standing in between tall corn stalks.
Three musicians seated next to each other playing instruments. The man in the middle is African American. It is important to note that there were not many African Americans in Webster County.
A group portrait of musicians posed holding their instruments.
Portrait of a posed group in the store that is currently Minnichs Florist. One daughter is Opal Williams, longtime teacher of Webster County.
The Church is located "where road leads to town park."
"Notice the roof of the depot, it is different than present depot, the town burned on May 30, 1911 the night of the first graduating class, the building on the top left is the hospital, later dorms, later grade school, later Brinson furniture, to the far right on hill is wooden high school before brick building built."
Group portrait in front of the hotel. The Cowen Hotel was located "opposite of the Depot and below present-day Minnichs Florist."
Portrait of Lula Rose and a man on a carriage behind the Lemley Mills building and the Central Hotel.
"Notice some of the buildings were just being rebuilt after 1911 fire, notice the brick high school building is not in photo, I'm assuming it hadn't been built yet."
Man is thought to be Dan Snyder. "Diana went to different places to show movies."
Crew is posed in front of the locomotive.
Crew is posed behind the locomotive.
The large Weese family is posed outside for their portrait between Cowen and Erbacon, W. Va.
This portrait was probably taken near Hacker Valley, W. Va.
Taken in the Hacker Valley vicinity.
Taken near or at Hacker Valley, W. Va.
Man in the portrait is either "carrying mail or is a salesman."
Women posed in front of an automobile.
Farrell was the sheriff of Webster County at the time of portrait. Taken near Hacker valley.
"Middle Fork for Sun Lumber Company."
Taken near Hacker Valley, W. Va.
Women and children in the middle of with various household chores such as laundry, and filling kerosene lanterns. The structure is believed to be a boarding house near Hacker Valley, W. Va.
Train carrying hundreds of logs.
Two man standing on the dock of a lumber yard. Thought to be Mayton Lumber Co., Hacker Valley, W. Va.
Men posed for a portrait as horses pull a log.
Men, women, and men on horses pose for the portrait that is thought to be of Mayton Lumber Co.
Men posed in a portrait with various logging tools. Man on far right is holding onto an ax that is in the process of cutting down a tree. Portrait taken near the Hacker Valley area.
Logging crew uses a machine to aid in the logging process. Taken near Hacker Valley, W. Va.
Portrait taken near Hacker Valley, W. Va.
Men sitting on a log behind a large pile of logs.
Family posed with pitchforks. Man and woman at each end are holding hats.
Portrait of two hunters with a dog. Man on the right is holding a gun, a raccoon, and a lantern. The man on the left is holding an ax.
Portrait of the band playing their instruments.
Portrait of a group standing on the ledge of a storefront as flood water surrounds them.
Team posed with baseball gloves, bats, and umpire gear.
Large group posed with cars and large stacks of lumber. A portrait of a "log job close to Jerryville on Gauley River".
Hotel on the left.
Portrait of the storefront once ran by Alva "Pus" Woodall.
Group posed by railroad tracks. The shanty cars in the background were used by the workers.
In the portrait, Dyer is holding animal skins and a gun. The town of Dyer in Webster County was named after him.
Father and son standing next to a large snow bank.
Portrait thought to be "at twenty mile, Nicholas County. The fifth over hands crossed, mustache, Neil Romano, the fifth over back row with white shirt and hat Augostino Romano."
Portrait of men posing with a logging train.