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Detailed information of the portrait 035245. "The six persons to the right of the picture, all in dark clothes, is the Craig family. They are: Man with hat is James S. Craig, Girl in front of JSC with stick is Camilla Virgie Craig (my mother). Lady on JSC left is Ellen Frances (Miller) Craig. Boy in front of of EFC holding cornet is Bonnie Craig. Girl in back of parents is Lillie Pearl Craig. Girl with white hat with left hand on black dog is Dainty Evangeline Craig. I cannot identify the other five persons. The birth years are listed to help date the picture. I assume that Bonnie Craig was 4 or 5 years old and my mother was 7 or 8 when this picture was taken. That will date the picture to 1893. This is my guess. James S. and Ellen Frances Craig were divorced on 17 August 1896."
"Halfway point between Cowen and Webster people would board at this house."
Portrait of men standing outside the Erbacon House and Saloon.
Portrait of men playing a game of pool.
Portrait of group in front of the hotel. Later became the Clifton Hotel.
Picture of a wooden building next to the Birch River.
Outing probably around Birch River.
Man in the portrait is either "carrying mail or is a salesman."
Portrait of a group standing on the ledge of a storefront as flood water surrounds them.
Team posed with baseball gloves, bats, and umpire gear.
Portrait of the band playing their instruments.
Portrait of two men with guns and a dog looking up into a tree at three possums.
Men posed on a horse drawn carriage near Hacker Valley, W. Va. "Perry at left. Others unknown."
Side view of the bridge and new hotel.
Portrait of Lula Rose and a man on a carriage behind the Lemley Mills building and the Central Hotel.
This portrait was probably taken near Hacker Valley, W. Va.
Taken near or at Hacker Valley, W. Va.
Group posed by railroad tracks. The shanty cars in the background were used by the workers.
Portrait taken "somewhere in Webster County. Notice the wooden rails."
Man posed between two horses.
A man and a woman are posed at the gate which helped keep animals out of the Webster Springs Hotel bottom.
The hotel manager at the time of the picture was George A. Hechmer.
Camden on Gauley was first known as Lanes Bottom.
Portrait of a posed group in the store that is currently Minnichs Florist. One daughter is Opal Williams, longtime teacher of Webster County.
Three musicians seated next to each other playing instruments. The man in the middle is African American. It is important to note that there were not many African Americans in Webster County.
Girl standing in between tall corn stalks.
Portrait of two hunters with a dog. Man on the right is holding a gun, a raccoon, and a lantern. The man on the left is holding an ax.
Family posed with pitchforks. Man and woman at each end are holding hats.
Two men posed in a store "where lodge at Camden now sits before block burned, men are Ross's."
"Front: Unknown and Oliver Borne, driver. Back: Bernard Herron and Walter Arbogast."
Women and children in the middle of with various household chores such as laundry, and filling kerosene lanterns. The structure is believed to be a boarding house near Hacker Valley, W. Va.
"Town had its own electric taken about 1924-1932."
"Lady is a Hyatt, in front where Callahan's Grocery was before the town burned in early 1930's."
Portrait of workers in front of shelves of groceries.