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From left to right: 'Police Chief John Lewis, William Musgrave, Bill Hughes, Bennie Palmer, George Katchur, Robert West'.
Standing left to right Pearl Roby, Noah Moore, George Burriss, Lem South, Judge tennant, Mont Tucker, Burl Tennant, Bill Taylor, (Visitor name not known). Sitting Charley Myers, Herbert Lapoe, Mr. Wilson, and Mr. Aultman.
13th West Virginia Regiment Battle Flag reading: (From top to bottom)  Hurricane Bridge, Va. March 28th 1863; Lynchburg, Va. June 18th, 1864; Kearnstown, Va. July 24th 1864; Berryville, Va. Sep. 3rd.1864;  Opequan, Va. Sep. 19th, 1864; Fishers Hill, Va. Sep. 22nd.1864;  Cedar Creek, Va. Oct. 19th. 1864.
Men working inside Seneca Glass Factory. Photography by Richard Phillips, Morgantown, West Virginia.
Apples in baskets.

5. Apples

Farm workers planting seedlings in rocky soil.
Five little pigs feeding off of their mother.
Richard Glass a member of F.F.A. stands next to Phillip Glass while holding the tether of a steer on the Gregg farm.
Group portrait of a family standing next to baskets of eggs. Left to right: Robert L. Kelly Robert William, 5 Richard 4, being held by Mrs. Kelly; and Charles 3, being held by State Director Manchin.
The U.H.S. VoAg judging team for FFA, which took second place in a sweepstakes.
Coal barges being loaded in Star City.
Caption on back reads, 'West Virginia, with the highest average elevation of any state east of the Mississippi River, is making a strong bid to become one of the nations leading winter sports centers. Snow covered mountain slopes like Cabin Mountain, pictured here, overlooking the Canaan Valley, see an average annual snowfall of over five feet. The state now boasts five major winter sports centers located in widely-separated locations.'
Coke ovens lit up at night.
Miners help a pony out of the mine.
Men dig out a pony trapped in a mine shaft.
Westover and Granville Volunteer Fire Departments respond to a fire at the Humphrey No. 7 Tipple in Granville, W. Va.
Men leaving an elevator after a mine accident in Monongalia County.
J.P. McGee, Acting Research Director, and Jack Smith, in Charge of the Gas Turbine Development Project discuss proper positioning of the turbine rotor in its casing.
Miners working with machinery near coal preparation plant. There is a church visible in the background.
Stream, coal piles, and buildings at the Eastern Coal Co. Miracle Run Mine in Monongalia County.
Construction of a building at Miracle Run Mine.
Two men working with cables while a crane is being used in the background.
Mechanic working on what appears to be a turbine.
Group of miners in a safety class.
Donald Ammons, Center, Safety Inspector, Christopher Coal Co., conducts Dr. Miles  J. Martin, Left, Chief, Office of Mineral Information, Washington, D.C., and John D. Spencer, Morgantown Coal Research Center, on tour of Christopher Coal Co. Mine No. 15, at Cassville, W. Va. 'U.S. Bureau of Mines Photo Proof Print. Not for publication, permanent record, or other use outside of the Morgantown Research Center.
Dedication by Sec. of Interior Stewart Udall of new plant at Cresaps, W. Va. Conversion of coal to gasoline. Seated 2nd from left is Arch A. Moore of the U.S. House of Representatives.
Men in suits with coveralls over top of them wearing hardhats and head lamps.
A conveyor belt runs to a coal shoot at the preparation plant, possibly Miracle Rune Mine.
Drawing of a proposed coal facility.
A close-up view of an old tipple at a coal mine on Route 7, near Cassville on a snowy wintry day.
Consolidation Coal Company Old Alice Mine on Martin Hollow, Maidsville, W. Va.
Christopher Coal Co. preparation plant and tipple beside a road.
Wooden coal mining structure in Maidsville.
Snow covered Old Alice Mine in Maidsville.
Wooden coal mining structure, Valley Camp Coal, Maiden Mine, Maidsville.
Collapsed in Burcher Consolidated building after abandonment.  Route 7 near Cassville.
Arthurdale Community Center with children playing outside on swing sets.  'Possibly original school building.'
Workers lay concrete outside the capitol building.
Two men unveil a plaque dedicated to G. B. Capito of Charleston.
L. Clyde Riley shaking hands with a man upon receiving the Boy Scouts of America Silver Antelope Award.
Benches and the office window inside the train station at Grafton, W. Va.
View of Grafton, West Virginia.  Railroad tracks in foreground. There are bridges - one being demolished, businesses, and houses along the river.
Cranes sit near a bridge that is being demolished in Grafton, West Virginia.
From left to right: Bill Workman, Fire Chief, and James George, Police Chief of Grafton, West Virginia.
East Bound's train schedule from St. Louis and West Bound's train from Baltimore and Washington D.C. are listed on the Train Schedule Board in the train station at Grafton, W. Va.
'Scene of first land battle of Civil War. This bridge erected 1852. Serving both north and south in passage of troops and supplies across mountains into Virginia.'
The Student Union of Alderson-Broaddus College in Philippi, West Virginia.
A man stands and operates a control panel.  'Its surface already gleaming from initial rolling in the breakdown mill, a slab of aluminum alloy moves into the 110 inch reversing mill, second of the big rolling mills in the hotline at Kaiser Aluminum's Ravenswood Works.  The air conditioned aluminum pulpit is located at one side above the rolling table.  Public Relations Dept. Ravenswood Works Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corp.  Ravenswood, W. Va.'
'An overall aerial view of Kaiser Aluminum's Ravenswood Works located on the Great Bend of the Ohio River, six miles south of Ravenswood and midway between Pittsburgh and Cincinnati.  Fabrication Plant is shown in the foreground, casting facility in the center and the Reduction Plant in the background near the 613 foot chimney.  On the main line of the B and O Railroad and West Virginia State Route 2, the Works is two days' delivery time from 50 of the nation's 100 largest cities and 70 percent of the aluminum consuming market.  Public Relations Dept.  Ravenswood Works.  Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corp. Ravenswood, W. Va.'
Three clay pots.
Two paintings as well as other visual art.
Tables displaying children's art is set up on the Court House Square in Morgantown.
A group of antiques on a table.
Currently located in the Milano Reading Room of the Wise Library.
From left to right: Dr. John Clarkson, Dr. Barbara Drianer, unknown, and Wilbur Bauer.
A man and woman hold an abstract painting.
Two students display their paintings.
Initial JEJ are on the painting.
Christmas tree made up of a variety of things.
Includes a chair, cabinet, ceramic chickens, and lamps.
'First Prize, West Virginia Painting, West Virginia Moon by Joe Moss.  Made for W. Va. Centennial. West Virginia Centennial Commission, 1608 Kanawha Blvd. East, Charleston 1, West Virginia.'
Car is parked in front of the bank.
Corner of High and Pleasant Streets.
Two men work on the building.
A man is on the roof working.
Men work on the inside of the bank.
Spruce Street, Morgantown, W. Va.
Westover Bridge visible beyond platform set up for concert.
Bridge to South Park at night.
A view of the Walnut Street Bridge from Pleasant Street Bridge in Morgantown, West Virginia.
View of Deckers Creek and the Walnut Street bridge on a snowy day.
Cars pass as workers repair the University Avenue bridge.
A view of the Railroad Bridge over Backwater of Cheat River in Morgantown, West Virginia.
Covered bridge crossing Dent's Run; trees surrounding bridge, fence lining path to bridge.
Clint Carney District Supervisor State Road Commission is in the photograph.
The bridge over the Monongahela River from Morgantown to Westover.
Facade of the brick Glasscock building in Morgantown, W. Va.
'Architect for the project is Irving Bowman and Associates, Charleston.  The picture was sent to Senator Byrd by the Public Health Service.'