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At Chestnut and Pleasant Streets.
Nurse is sticking the boys finger.
Mechanic working on what appears to be a turbine.
Miners help a pony out of the mine.
Storage tank from Morgantown Ordnance Works being transported. Preparation for lifting may be in progress.
Men leaving an elevator after a mine accident in Monongalia County.
"Middle, Mrs. Thomas McCormick.'
Tom Gartley at the M.H.S. Science fair.
From left to right: Don Kammert, Bob McDonald, Harley Staggers, Gov. W. W. Barron, Jennings Randolph, unknown.
First row: Mabel Stoyer.  Second row: unknown, unknown, Prof. Arthur A. Hall.  Third row: all unknown.  Fourth row: Hugh Runner, unknown, Charles Shetler.
A speaker is talking to a group at a luncheon. J.W. Ruby, Jennings Randolph, and Orville Freeman, Secretary of Agriculture attended the luncheon.
'From left to right:  unknown, unknown, Harold Sutor, unknown, Mr. Payne, Ivan Given, unknown, Chas. Nailler.'
Joe Moss and a female student hanging a painting.
Hoye Walls is standing at right.  He owned a graphic art company “Andrews Photo Arts” on University Ave near North St. He did camera work shooting halftones, line art and other prep work for offset printing.  Also involved in other printing in Morgantown.
Buildings pictured cafeteria, Woodburn Hall, Martin Hall, Science Hall, Health Center, and football field.
'Back row from left to right: Oakley Hopkins, Charles Whiston, Sheriff, unknown, Bill Delardas.  Front row from left to right: unknown, unknown, Robert Bowlby, Don Rennie.'
'Back row, left to right: Bill Wetzel, Art Hahn, Bill Leyke. Sitting, Left to right: unknown, Mrs. Esther Emerson, Robert Donley.'
Far left, Dr. Thos. W. Gavett, head of Human Rights Commission.  Second from left, Charles A. Parsons, Social Security of Morgantown.'
At left with guitar is Dick Shuttlesworth; next to him in plaid jacket is Steve Jenkins; other member in plaid jacket is Lee Maust.
Construction workers are digging out the foundation for the Reserve Center on the Mileground in Morgantown, West Virginia.
Mr. Smith (left) and Harry Franks (right) putting up a speed limit 25 sign on College Avenue.
'From left to right: Unknown, Sam Boyd, Harold Shamberger, unknown, Robert Slonniker, unknown.'
Instructor seen to the right of the choir.
'On the left is a mailman who carried mail for years on Spruce and High Streets.    In the center from left to right is Mrs. Tayler and Roy Eminger.  Behind them is Martha Fields.  All others unknown.'
Richard E. Davis (second from left) is standing with other VFW officers in Morgantown, West Virginia.
'From left to right: David Randolph, Sue Wilson, Arthur Hall, Rodney Pyles, Robert Childs, Richard Utt.'
The constuction of an underground bridge at Decker's Creek.
'From left to right: unknown, unknown, Jack Gamble, unknown, man who has Stanleys mens store on Pleasant St., Albert Ezzy, Ben Bonfoli.'
M&K was a division of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.
Girl in the left foreground is Trudy Toland.
Interior of shirt factory at Marilla in Morgantown, W. Va. Workers are busy on their machines.
From left to right: C. Glen Zinn, unknown, Jennings Randolph, J. W. Ruby, Martin Piribek, Charles Baker.
Rev. Chapman and his wife are the couple on the right.
Walls have begun to go up in some areas of the school.
Mr. Hunter J. Conrad, Assistant Principal of Morgantown High School till 1963, is standing directly behind the man signing the document.
'Old Fay Blosser property on Kingwood Pike.  Not in present use.'  Dilapidated, uninhabited building with RC cola signs.
'From left to right: Don Marsteller, Ed Walls, unknown, unknown, Burl Bolyard, Bernard Stenger, unknown, Police Chief Russell L. Singleton.'
From left to right: Joe Ford and Leonard Gross, servers.
Seated at the far right is Arthur Buehler.
A women pulling a young child and a little baby in a sled.
Men working inside Seneca Glass Factory. Photography by Richard Phillips, Morgantown, West Virginia.
Second from left is Max Maddox.
A row of cured hams is on a table for inspection by the judges.
'Left, Mrs. Taylor, right, Mrs. Wm. Ross.'
Dean Frasure pictured at the far left.
The ca. 200 year old Blosser (Robinson) home can be seen in the upper right hand corner. The house was torn down in 2009.
'W. Truslow Hyde, Jr. 'left' security analyst for the F. S. Smither & Co., financial firm, New York, was one of eight analysts who visited the Morgantown area yesterday, heard the store of coal's future and visited the site of Fort Martin where Monongahela Power company will build a new power generating station.  In the group looking at the site from the bridge of the Consolidation Coal company's tow-boat, the R. L. Ireland, are, left to right:  Hyde, Don Kammert, administrative vice president of Monongahela Power company; C. R. Nailler, vice president, operations, Consolidation Coal company; President Don Potter of Monongahela and J. Lee Rice, Jr., president of Allegheny Power Systems, host to the analysts on their visit to the Monongahela Valley.'
'Back Row from left to right: Charles Stevenson, Superintendent of Schools, James McCartney, President of the Chamber of Commerce, Elmer Prince, City Manager.  Sitting: Ernest J. Nesius, Head of Appalachian Center.'