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'Left: Violet Molisee Croston; Right: Francis Molisee, Cousin of Violet; 2 Mules: Violet is on Jack, Francis is on Jerry'
Unidentified man maintaining garden.
Men and women hoeing a field.
Located at on North Side Rt. 7 on Hill at Pursglove, W. Va.
A view of two men standing by tool storage.
Mike Viola's Daughter, Rita, at about 7 or 8 years standing in a garden.
Pictured are Mary Peacock, Rita Viola, and Cesira.
Two women standing inside of a house.
Portrait of Rita Viola.
Portrait of Tullio Viola.
Woman holding loaf of bread.
Cesira and Emanuel “Mike” Viola with daughter in law Charmaine Viola, and grandchildren Tom, Jane, Joyce and Barbara.
View of Nurse Marie Isselstein entering a car.
Group of men before garden work.
Marie Isselstein at her work space.
Two men performing maintenance work, other two are visible in the background.
Man is standing in the doorway to the new Shack building.
View of a corn field.
Quilts set up on chairs. There is an oven in the background.
The Shack with other buildings around it.
Garden next to a corn field.
Rows of crops in garden.
Plants in a garden.
Either Tipple No. 1 or Tipple No. 3
Oven in background.
'I-79 went through this area. None of these buildings are standing. Shack would be to the extremem right (out of picture). Pursglove school outhouses are behind school buildings.'
The creek named Scott's Run flows through the settlement by the same name.
Men with cars outside of a National Youth Administration Building used as a salvage building.
Self-Help Co-Op is written on the roof of a salvage building.
Road with house next to it.
Man standing in doorway to old house.
View of Scott's Run area.
Large house with vines growing on it.
Tipple No. 1 or 3.
'Two story section built later by Trubee.'
Outdoor oven at Scotts Run.
View of a vegetable garden at Scott's Run.
Picture of two men standing in front of a house.
A vegetable garden at Scott's Run, W.Va.
View of camp facilities and cars parked nearby.
Picture of Allen Hare at Scott's Run, W.Va.
Picture of a group of people with the American Friends Service Committee Director.
Two boys stand on a rock wall. 'Gloomy and Bonnie's.'