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'Otto Ladwig is 2nd from right in the  back row. Long Live the F.S.N.S'
'Miss Ella Neuzum(Taylor County), Mr. Ceorder (Barbour County), Mr. Benson (Barbour County), Mrs. Dawson(Harrison County) and Mr. Ladwig (Harrison County)
' Students: 3. Veda Davis (Langfitt) 5. Miley, 8. Mabel Young, 11. Ella Mae Miley, 15. Otto Ladwig (teacher) 17. French Stout, Near West Milford W. Va.'
'Taken at Hardway Home, Lost Creek, W. Va. Front row- far right, Gertrude Hardway(a student). Back row(1st and 3rd) from left, Calora Hardway and Margaret Hardway, sisters. Probably others are Broaddus Students.
'Checked shirt 2nd from left front is Gertrude Hardway.'
Gertrude Hardway is the teacher in this photo.
Gertrude Hardway was the teacher of these students.
These could possibly be students of Sheets Mill School.
' 1. Elbert Wells (front row) 2. Otto Ladwig (by window).
'Group of people Harrison County at Fairmont. 1. Virgil Highland, 2. Page Fortney, 3. Lewis Dawson, 4. Ida Carpenter, 5. Mel Sperry, 7. Eden Corbin, 8. Icie Tetrick, 9. Mable Lee, 13. James Robinson, 14. Ernest Fortney, 22. O.W. Ladwig, 23. Blanche Hewes
'1. Otto Ladwig (teacher) 2. Ella May Miley, 3. Hattie Cummins, 4. Merta Stout, 5. Clarence Nutter, 6. Clarence Stout, 4. French Stout, 8. Berta Nutter, 9. Mollie Stout, and Veda Davis (Langfitt)
'Left front: Gertrude Hardway and possibly other teachers in Harrison or Randolph County.'
Margaret Hardway, teacher (far right, rear).
This was the second and third grade classes and Margaret Hardway( far right) was the teacher.
'Front row(from left) 6. Cornelia Ladwig, Back row : 2. Clifford Wolford.'
'This picture was taken at Aunt Kate Raines House, picnic, church yard, Evenwood, 140 attended.'  See original for names of the people.
'House built for Dr. Ladwig in Evenwood, W. Va. by the Raine-Andrews Lumber, ca. 1910'
'This photo was taken year after Ladwigs left Evenwood.'
Dr. Otto and his daughter Cornelia.
' Otto and Calora with their daughter Cornelia at six months. She sat alone at 5 and half months old. '
'What do you think of us more than what was in the school when you were here.'
'Photograph postcard of Dr. Ladwig "riding his speeder". Post marked 1909. This is one of the most interesting photos in Miss Ladwig's possession. Dr. Ladwig rode this device around the Raine- Andrews Lumber Company property. He rode a horse along the roads until he got a car in the late teens, I understand. Cornelia's identification on the back of the card in ink. Note window placement in photo.'
'Photograph postcard of Dr. Ladwig on his at the mill. Notice the Clarksburg flag postmark.'
'"Evenwood, above the mill" (written by Dr. Ladwig). Same building, but from across the river or pond'.
'Good photo of houses. Ladwig identified many. Taken from river. (I understand there were no bars in Evenwood, something unique for a lumber town'.
'Raines House identified in the photo'.
'Raine-Andrew's Company and Dr. Offices in Evenwood, W. Va. before 1914 and after-Cornelia's comments on the back of the photo.
The body of water could possible be a pond or a river.
'"Boats in water" just above Evenwood'.
' Sam Strau(?) *, Will Coates *, and Sam Cook *'.
'Dr. Ladwig and his daughter, Cornelia. Dr Ladwig is pushing the pram, something few men did then, especially in a lumber or mining town. This say something about the man.'
Dr. Otto Ladwig (right) at the Raine-Andrews Lumber Company.