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Two unidentified men pose outside of a shop on High Street.
View of the residence and grounds.
Photo of the frozen river under a bridge.
Photo of a bridge over the river connecting into town.
Photo of Dorsey's Knob from the partially frozen river.
Group photo of students and faculty of the school.
Group photo of delegates for the convention.
A group photo taken in front of the WVU building still under construction.
Group portrait of draftees.
Group portrait of registrants.
The two marked gentlemen, John Kiger and Brown Boughner, stand accompanied by unidentified persons in front of the largest printing house in the area.
A group of women sitting in a field. See original for full photo roster.
Photograph taken around the turn of the century. The man on the far right is identified as Daniel Sillinger. The others remain unidentified. Back of the photo reads, "One seems to hear the rattle of the rifles once again as in the days, Gods Daisies, were redeemed by the rain. The clamor of the Captiains, the 'Charge!' and the 'Retreat!', and think of love that listens for unreturning feet."
Lulu Taylor wearing a fashionably hat of the day.
Photo with Lulu Taylor, sitting-right. The other persons remain unidentified. On the back of the photo is inscribed "I. G. Cale".
Owned by the state senator from Morgnatown, W. Va.
To the right is the house of Senator McDermott, which was later torn down to become what is now the parking lot of Hotel Morgan. To the left is the site of Hastings Funeral Home.
Photo of the construction site.
Photo of Howard Osberg inside the carriage.
Buda poses outside his business establishment. Note the 4 digit phone number on the sign
Group portrait taken in the woods running along the river. See original for photo roster.
Group portrait of Hilarity Club members at their outdoor base.
A family admires the picturesque view of the river from their horse-drawn carriage.
Photo looking down the river and into the distant mountains.
Photo looking over the river and into the wooded hills.
A man rows his canoe back to waiting spectators on the rocks along the river.
Portrait of Wright in stance with his boxing gloves. His weight, 178.
Unidentified poses outside a mill near Morgantown.
A group of unidentified men holding glass cutting tools and equipment.
Photo of Hewitt taken on Collins Ferry Road.
Photo looking up stairs that pass Oglebay Hall and lead to Stalnaker Hall.
See original for correspondence.
Published by Dawson & Co. See original for correspondence.
The building, remodeled often, is located on University and Broadway Avenues in Morgantown, W. Va.
Photo taken by the Dairy Mart in Star City, "No Man's Land". See original for correspondence.
Group of boys gather to form a human pyramid.
See original for correspondence.
See original for correspondence.
Garner was a janitor at West Virginia University, Morgantown, W. Va.  See original for correspondence.
See original for correspondence.
Garnet was a janitor for West Virginia University in 1910.  See original for correspondence.
Back of the photo reads, "When it comes to scenery, the West Virginia hills have them all beat. This is Cheat River."
A boy and two girls float in their canoe on the river.