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Oil rig on farm.
Fred S. Hathaway and unknown person walking oil pipeline.
Unknown person kneeling on top of an oil well.
Fred S. Hathaway on top of an oil tank loacted on Dr. W. T. W. Dye's farm.
Unknown person walking the pipeline.
Nearly 70 students were enrolled in the first class when the school opened in 1922.
Erie steam shovel or excavator being used to remove dirt for the road bed.
Unidentified workmen stand on stone piers during construction on the Grantsville Bridge.
The "Edith" paddles on the Little Kanawha.
Front row, left to right:  John Davis (standing), Kay "Boots" Stevens, Jake Hayhurst, Ellie Propst, Harry "Hike" Smith, Fred Ball, and Frank Deem.  Second row, standing, left to right:  Mont Smith, Walter Eli Smith, Bill Durst (photo taken before he lost his arm in an accident at the factory), John Harris, Wes Propst, Wait Ball, and Frankie Smith.
celebration marking the end of World War I. Postcard photograph is labeled, "Star Spangle Banner".
Bystanders watching the parade celebrating the end of Worl War I.
Recruits load onto buses.
Pictured: Marked with a 1) Elias Yoak 2) Charles Arthur 3) Charles Shaffer
Group portrait of new military recruits during World War I.
Automobiles, waving American flags line the main street.
Trucks loaded with scrap metal, driving through town. Many citizens pitched in to support the war effort by collecting materials for recycling.
Collecting scrap metal in the back of trucks. Calhoun County citizens aided the war effort by collecting scrap metal to be receycled into miltary needs. The John Deer Company encouraged farmers to "Sink a sub from your farm, bring in your scrap metal".
Scrap metal in the back of trucks roll through town. Scrap drives were prompted to involve citizens for morale purposes as well as helping the war effort.
Bystanders watch trucks go by with collected scrapmetal in the back.
Established in 1832.
Only identified subjects; Virginia (marked with "X") and Frederick (Check mark).
Pictured: Will Rogers- back row, third from right; Oral B. Hathaway- back row, fourth from right; Fred Smiley Hathaway- second row, fourth from right; Walt Stump- second row, fifth from left; Jerome Francis- first row, fifth from left; Hagan Tommy Francis- first row, third from right
Eva Dye Hathaway is the one behind the post.
One of only two cars in town.
At the Stanard House, left to right (inside the drawn circle): Rev. E. J. Woofter, Eva Dye and Mrs. W. T. W. Dye (Sophie)
None of the band members and friends are identified.
Only identified member of the fishing party is Eva Dye Hathaway- young woman sitting center front wearing a hat.
Cast of the play in costume, only identified members are: Oral Hathaway- third from left; Budge Marshall- center back
The Barr family posed in front of their two-store home.
From the souvenir edition of the Grantsville News, 1956.
The store was opened in 1950 by Don and Von Yoak on Mill Street in Grantsville.
Grantsville was established by Stump on his land in 1866 and is now the county seat.
Ferry used to transport vehicles across the Little Kanawha River.
Information included with the photograph: "Taken after Billy Burn's funeral.[ The Rev. Burns, originally from Kentucky was reportedly involved in stopping the feud between the Hatfields and the McCoys.] Identified Front Row L to R: Aunt "Polly" Johnson, Florinda Stump Burns, a picture of Rev. Billy Burns, Glen Weaver; Back Row: Scott Burns, Della Burns, either a Johnson or Stewart girl, Stella Burns, Everett Burns, Harper Burns, Arlan Burns (in front of Harper), Minnie Burns, Jennie Burns, Charlie Burch, Claud Osborn, Dell Burns, Rose Burns Moore, Elma Burns (baby), Rachel Gherke Burns, Calvin Burns, John Burns, Emma Burns, Frank Weaver."
Information with the Photograph: "First Row L to R: Dallas Kight, Albert Kight, Ethel Kight Stump (baby), Gertrude Francis Kight, Ollie Kight Yoak (baby), Tommy Albert Francis, Henry Kight, Emma Hall Francis; Second Row: Joseph Lee Francis, Hattie Francis Ferrell, Orville Kight, Rilla Francis Harris, Jerome Francis, Annie Francis Trippett, Hagan Tommy Francis
Pictured with their ten children: Harry, Lance, Kate, James, Jane, Mary, Anna, Sophie, Howard, and Eva.
On the right side of the picture is the mill with a packet boat floating next to it.
The flooded Little Kanawha River poured into Grantsville.