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Morgantown and suspension bridge from Westover.
Looking down on Woodburn Circle on WVU Downtown campus: from further left Commencement Hall, Agricultural Experiment Station, Martin Hall, Woodburn Hall and Chitwood Hall.
'Mountaineer Field--36,000 seats.'
Writing on windows announce events.
Commencement Hall, Stewart Hall on the left, Purinton House on the right.
Group portrait of members of WVU Football team; those identified are 1) Phllips, Asst. Mgr.; 2) Hodges Q or HB; 3) Scott HB; 4)Smith E and 5) MacRae C.
A game of Football Morgantown High School vs Fairmont High School near North High Street on West Virginia University's playing field.
A view of frozen river in Morgantown; a wharf to left.
'Wharf is all the way to right to R.R. Bridge over head, Morgantown, W. Va.'
'Def. before June 15, 1912.'
Postcard photograph of the steamboat 'Columbia' docking at the wharf on the Monongahela River at Morgantown next to a towboat and a ferry loaded with wagons, buggies and riders on horseback.
Looking out at Seneca Addition part of Morgantown; a railroad going around the Monongahela River and a barge going down the river are visible.
A view of High Street.
A view of High Street, Morgantown, W. Va.; pedestrians, a trolley car
A view of Morgantown: Mississippi Glass factory along the Monongahela River; the Dorsey Knob in the distance.
A view of the Old Suspension Bridge: pedestrians and a buggy going by.
A view of South High Street, looking down at a bridge.
A view of bridge and Union station in Morgantown.
People gathering around an overturned train, Morgantown, W. Va.
'Standing in doorway is William E. Rush, Postmaster Monongalia County: Population 101.'
Morgantown Plumbing Company visible in background.
Top right to left: Ringer, Sameck, White, Conwell, Thomas, Flora. Bottom right to left: Brake, Witt, Brand, Blosser, Moss.
Looking towards WVU campus.
Finish 1,2,4 trot won by Miss Ida.
Between First National Bank drive through and Kirk Street.
People gathered in Woodburn Circle, Taft and others likely on porch of Martin Hall.
In front of Stewart Hall; August 30 to September 3, 1909.
August 30 to September 3, 1909.

68. Parade

"The last of the old suspension bridge across the Monongahela River."
Several men are engaging in road construction.
Promotional piece and photograph.
The photograph was taken from the east bank directly opposite Maple Run and the town of Rockley. Quarry Run empties into the Cheat at the bend in the river (left center). During the operation of the Cheat Iron Works(early 19th century), a saw mill and a boat yard were located close to the mouth of Quarry Run. Lumber from this mill was used to build flat boats to transport iron to markets. Information from A&M 3848; Grafton, A. Edwin. Paper.
A building next to harvested field.
At a fall on Big Sandy near Rockville, W.Va., visitors perched on edges of rock formation.
'Erected in Memory  DAVID MORGAN  Directly Upon The Ground of His Famous Encounter With Two Indians  Mar 1_74.'