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Two women and a cow in front of a house.  Handwritten note on back says, 'Golda Woodward Compliments and best wishes of your cousin Freed [sic] Gage, Okla. June 20, 1915.'
See original for correspondence. Published by The Valentine and Sons Publishing Company. (From postcard collection legacy system.)
Three people are standing near the front porch of the house where Irene Burshinal Manear (wife of Clinton T. Manear) spent her young years.
McKilroy Minear and son, Clinton Thomas Menear.
A group portrait of graduates of Old Kingwood Academy. Sixth from left is Isa Davis, mother of Dr. D. R. Davis, Kingwood.
'Irene Burchineal Manear last on third row right.'
First on left is Ephraim M. Manear.
A portrait taken of a young child holding hands with his father.
Portrait of a child sitting on a wooden bench.
Portrait of a child holding hands with his mother.
"Sergeant Clinton T. Manear 2nd from left kneeling with hand on knee."
A young girl wearing rounded neckline and puffy, short sleeved dress, popular fashion for children in the mid 19th century.
To the right is Edna Linhart Jackson, the wife of Hoy Jackson. The other young woman is not identified.
Dressed in the fashion of the late 1800s, posing with his arm resting on a chair.
Unidentified girl adorned with hair ribbon and locket.
Unidentified young woman wearing white laced dress and locket.
Well dressed unidentified young man poses with a walking cane.
A young boy (most likely 9 or 10), wearing a suit and a hat.
Young man wearing a baseball uniform with a large letter "G" on the shirt.
Group portrait of three members of the Birchinal family. One is wearing an army uniform and the elderly man and young boy are standing.
Cabinet card portrait of an older man with a beard wearing a suit and tie.
Cabinet card portrait of a young woman. Several of the Burchinal family are from Preston County, W. Va.
Portrait sketch of an older man with a beard.
All persons are unidentified. Information included with the photograph "Mrs. Mattey Everly".
Unidentified older woman wearing a dress and bonnet.
An older woman in a bonnet and polka dot dress. There is a revenue stamp on the back of the photograph indicating a tax was paid to support the Federal War effort during the Civil war.
A young woman identified as Annie B. Baldwin. The name "William A. Gatentin" is written on the back of the image.
A young man with a mustache,dressed in a suit and bow tie.
Young girl in a plaid dress. She is unidentified.
Toddler in a lace dress could be a boy or girl. Very young boys wore dress in the 19th century.
Toddler sitting in a chair, holding a purse.
A young boy in a jacket and short trousers.
Toddler in a lace dress. Could be a boy or girl since very young boys wore dresses also.
A dapperly dressed man in a suit and top hat.
Young lady, probably of teen age.
Young man with styled hair wearing a suit and bow tie.
He was a gospel singer, known as the "Sweet Singer of Methodism."
A young woman wearing curls and a with a high collar. Inscription on front and back, "Compliments of Nora V. Kauntz".
Two young girls (probably 8 or 9 years old). They both have their hair pinned back and are wearing long dresses below the knee dresses in the fashion of the day for children.
Four young women all wearing long, high collared dresses.
Postcard photograph of an unidentified woman holding an infant in her lap.
Only identified subject is Great Aunt Mary Burchinal,1st on the left. Large mounted prints such as this are called cabinet cards.
Unidentified young boy in a suit with a very ruffled collar. Large mounted prints such as this are called cabinet cards.