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Group portrait of surviving members of the Confederate 'Immortal 600' during a reunion at Richmond, Virginia, in 1915.  The Immortal 600 were forty-two days under fire on Morris Island, South Carolina; sixty-five days on rotten corn meal, cats, and pickle rations at Hilton Head and Fort Pulaski; eighteen days on the prison ship, Crescent.
Copy of painting by A.M. Doddridge, 1863- Army camp just below Chesapeake and Ohio Depot site near mouth of Ferry Branch on the Kanawha river.  Fort Scammon Hill in the distance.  President Hayes and McKinley were stationed in camp.
Copy of painting by A.M. Doddridge, 1863- Army camp just below C. and O. depot site near mouth of Ferry Branch.  Fort Scammon hill in the distance.
Battle of Rich Mountain scene. Black and White Version. From the original painting by Chappel in the possession of the publishers. Johnson Fry and Co. Publishers, New York.
Fort Lee erected by George Clendenin on a site within Charleston.
Engraving of Soldiers, singing, playing music, and holding a religious service.  Camp of 5th Virginia Vol. Infantry, U.S.A.  Falls of Kanawha, West Virginia.  Our Chaplain Gives each of us a copy of this engraving, to show our friends the way we sing and hold meetings in camp.  He desires us to tell them to pray for us and him, that we may prove faithful to our country and our God, and not be found wanting in any day of temptation and trial.
Road sign reading:  'Battle of McDowell  Stonewall Jackson, to prevent a junction of Fremont and Banks, took position on the hills just to the south and beat off the attacks of Fremont's advance under Milroy.  May 8, 1862.  Milroy retreated that night.'  Highland County, Va.
Old American Flag hanging on a wall beside a picture of Abraham Lincoln.The Flag was hand sewn in Shepherdstown within days of West Virginia's creation on June 20, 1863. It is one of only a few 35-star flags in existence. The 35-star flag was in use for only three years, and during most of its lifespan was not recognized by the southern states represented among its stars.<br />
Head of projectile fired.  Went through the roof of a barn on Kanawha Street and landed in the Rand Garden, near Morris and Quarrier St, (today).
Camp Reynolds, Kanawha Falls, Fayette County. Winter headquarters of the 23rd.  Ohio, also 89th.  Ohio- Dec 1, 1862 to March 15, 1863 (See Haye's Diary Vol. 2- p. 366-394. 'Camp Markell, Gauley Bridge, Dec 1 1862- We are on the south side of the Kanawha at the ferry below and in sight of the falls, 2 miles below Gauley Bridge.---p.366.  'Camp Reynolds Jan 4, 1863- The same old camp but now Reynolds after our gallant Sergt. Maj. Eugene Reynolds, who was killed at South Mountain -p.383.
Portraits of Civil War officers;  Lt. Gen T.J. Jackson and Staff;  Clockwise from the top:  R.L. Dabney Maj. A.A.G., W. Allan LT. Col. Chf. Ord., A.S. Pendleton Lt. Col. A.A.G., J.G. Morrison Capt. A.D.C., D.B. Bridgeford Maj. P.M., H.K. Douglas Maj., J.P. Smith Cap. A.D.C., Hunter McGuire Maj. and Med. Dir., J. Hotchkiss Capt. Ton. Eng., W.J. Hawks Maj. Chf. C.S.  Center Photo of Lt. Gen. Thomas J. Jackson (Stonewall).
Lithograph of Confederate Commanders:  Hood, A.P. Hill, Davis, Stuart, Jackson, Lee, Longstreet, J.E. Johnston, Beauregard.  Copyrighted by the Notman Photo Co. Limited 3 Park St. Boston, Mass.  EUC.LAFRICAIN.  Letter attached on the back from The Travelers Insurance Company to Roy Bird Cook stating:  Dear Mr. Cook:  We had so many inquries about our lithograph of Confederate Commanders that we had a number of copies made.  We are sending you one herewith.  While it is not quite as large as the original, we hope it will serve your purpose.  Very truly yours,  Colin Simkin, Advertising Assistant.
Portrait of Albert Gallatin Jenkins.
Portrait of Joseph Andrew Jackson Lightburn, Brig. Genl.
Starting in the left corner:  Jefferson Davis, General R.E. Lee, Brig. Gen "Stonewall" Jackson, Gen. John B. Floyd, Maj. Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard, Gen. R.S. Garnett, Com. Maury, Gen. John B. Magruder.  All engravings read at the bottom Cha. and Manus, 12 Frankfort St. N.Y.
Colonel John H. Oley (later Brevet Brigadier General) and field and staff officers of the 7th West Virginia Cavalry.  Later the regiment was mounted and became the 8th West Virginia Mounted Infantry; early in 1864 the designation was changed to the 7th West Virginia Cavalry.  Officers in picture are:  Left to right, seated - first row - Major Edgar B. Blundon, Lt. Thomas H. Burton, Dr. Louis V. Sanford, and Lt. John McCombs.  Second row - seated - Chaplain Andrew W.? Gregg, Lt. Colonel John J. Posley, Colonel Oley, Major Hedgeman Slack, Lt. John W. Winfield.  Third row - standing - Major William Gramm, Dr. James H. Rouse, Dr. Lucius L. Comstock, Captain Jacob M. Rife, and Lt. D. William Polsley.
Portrait of H.K. Douglass, a member of Stonewall Jackson's staff.
Earliest portrait of Thomas J. Jackson. The photograph was made in Mexico City, during the Mexican War.
Portrait of General "Stonewall" Jackson by William Frye. Only portrait ever made from life of the General.
Plaster model of Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson bust which was cast in bronze for the State Capital Building in Charleston, West Virginia and unveiled in Sept 1959. The sculptor of the bust, Bryant Baker, 222 West 50th Street, New York City autographed this photo to Roy Bird Cook in 1959.
a postcard of the Stonewall Jackson Shrine, Guinea, V., a part of the Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park, Fredericksburg, VA. In this house Stonewall Jackson died May 10, 1863. In a visit to this area in 1928 Winston Churchill is reputed to have said, "That little house witnessed the downfall of the Confederacy."
A postcard of General Stonewall Jackson. Photo from Life by Miley.
An engraved portrait of Thomas J. 'Stonewall' Jackson. The engraving is an likeness from an authentic photograph from life.
Thomas J. 'Stonewall' Jackson's sword with sheath and strap.
A copy of an original sketch by J. H. Diss Debarr, allegedly at Mineral Wells ca. 1860 Made on edge of a newspaper.
Interior of the deserted room in which Stonewall Jackson died, Guinea Station, VA. Fireplace, saw horse and scattered pieces of wood are visible.
Postcard of Old Sorrel, Stonewall Jackson's Civil War horse. He died at Soldiers' Home, Richmond, Virginia on April 10, 1888 at the age of 32 years.
Portrait of Stonewall Jackson.
Portrait of Thomas J. 'Stonewall' Jackson.
Stonewall Jackson Monument in Richmond Virginia.<br /><br />
Paited portrait of Jackson, Johnston and Lee.
Portrait of Stonewall Jackson found int he back of the Col. Edward Jackson Bible at Jackson's Mill in 1920.  Had been mounted on glass, which was badly cracked.  A copy of the Brady 'fake uniform' portrait.  Copied by J.B. Gissey, Weston.
Portrait of Major General T.J. Jackson, C.S.A.
Portrait of Stonewall Jackson.
Portrait of General Thomas J. 'Stonewall' Jackson made from a photograph.
Statue of Stonewall Jackson.   According to the Wheeling Intelligencer, September 11, 1875, the statue was brought over from England on the S.S. Novia Scotia and donated by B. Hope and others.
Portrait ofStonewall Jackson taken from an authentic photograph from life.
Portrait of General Thomas J. 'Stonewall' Jackson.
Portrait of Stonewall Jakcson.
Sketch of Stonewall Jackson just before Chancellorsville by Lieutenant Fred Fousse of the 22nd Infantry, Confederate States Army.  Liet. Fred Fousse was a Frenchman by birth, enlisted in W. Va. was captured at the Battle of Chancellorsville and imprisoned at Fort Delaware to the end of the war.  He there finishes a number of excellent sketches which he sent to his friends to provide funds.
Portrait of John A. Elder presented to Corcoran Gallery by founder, William Wilson Corcoran.
Engraved portrait of Thomas J. Jackson.
Portrait of Stonewall Jackson taken by Mr. n. Routzahn in Winchester, Va.
Stonewall Jackson and his boyhood home situated on the West Fork River in Lewis County, W. Va.