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Cars are parked on Adams and Madison Streets in Fairmont, West Virginia during the big snow storm of 1950.
Men practicing first aid techniques at Beall High School in Frostburg.
A few men stand outside of processing plant no. 32 at Fairmont W. Va.
Consolidated elevators in foreground; Docks #1, Pgh Coal Co. 'abandoned'; Docks #7 'used section'; Docks #7 'abandoned section'; Consolidated Elevators; Cleveland Cliffs Coal Docks; Capitol Elevators; North Western Fuel Co. Coal Docks #4 'Consolidated Coal Co.'; Occident Elevators; Planey Elevators; Long strip of land is Minnesota and Wisconsin Points separating the harbor from Lake Superior. Photographed in fall 1942.
Facilities and Preparation Plant at Pursglove No. 15.
Caption on back reads, 'Shinnston, West Virginia (Jan. 00, 1945...Joe Akers, 32 year old bituminous coal miner, and 400,000 fellow miners in America's bituminous coal industry, are World's most prosperous coal miners.  (See lead off story for additional data.) Photo shows: Joe Akers' house. He bought it in 1943 for $5000. There is plenty of ground-100'x 110' and he has a nice vegetable garden in the back. Attached to this garage is a warm water shower where he washes up after work. The house is located on one of the principle streets of Shinnston and the mine is at Owings, only 6 miles away. The house has two downstairs bedrooms and two small bedrooms and bath upstairs. Joe's car is a 1940  model. From Hamilton Wright Org For: Bituminous Coal Industry Photo Gratis'
Consolidated Coal Co. display at the National Pm. [sic] Agents Convention in Chicago, 1946.
Consolidation Coal Company exhibits their coal history.
Dispatcher in office outside of mine. 'Credit must be given to William Vandivert, and picture is not to be reproduced without written license.'
Two miners standing next to drilling machine.
Full loads of coal in train cars in front of the C.C.C. Preparation Plant in Fairmont, W. Va. Credit must be given to William Vandivert, 21 East Tenth St., New York 3, N.Y.
Coal traveling on conveyors. Credit Must Be Given. Not to be reproduced without written license from William Vandivert.
Scenic view of buildings and houses at Mine No. 32, Fairmont, W. Va. 'Credit must be given. Not to be reproduced without written liscense from William Vandivert.'
Coal on a conveyor.
Two men placing charges in an already drilled hole. Notice the preparatory cut on upper right hand side.
Two miners operate a cutting machine. 'Credit must be given to Willaim Vandivert, 21 East Tenth St., New York 3, N.Y., Not to be reproduced without written liscense.'
A very large cutting machine being operated by a miner. 'Credit must be given to William Vandivert, Not to be reproduced without written liscense.
Tipple and preparation plant at Mine No. 32, Fairmont, W. Va.
Two men operating a loading machine.
Three miners hard at work as coal comes down a conveyor.  Copyright Photo by William Vandivert, 21 East Tenth Street, New York 3, N. Y.
Champion coal tow boat of the Pittsburgh Coal Co. on unknown river.
This picture shows the thickness of the coal seam in relation to a normal doorway.
A close-up view of the tipple at Clover Splint Mine, Consolidation Coal Company (KY.), Closplint, Kentucky.
Storage site at Mine 32.
Mine 32, B&O Fuel Storage Site built to provide additional working time for Mine 32.
Consolidation Coal Company Trucks and a crane on a bridge over piles of coal.
'Background: Back and side walls are covered with flag blue no seam matting edged with red, white and blue braided silk. Floor is covered with red crystalline cloth and draped over a partial platform in the rear of the window. Display: In the center of the back wall is a map of the United States raised a bit from the wall to make it stand out. All around this map are photographs of 50 Governors, 47 from the States and 3 from the Territories and under these photos are the names and states of all the Governors. Some are place on the platform on the floor in the back with the Chairman of the Conference at one end and the Host at the other. A welcome banner is placed in front behind which is a stand containing a small state flag for each of the 48 states and 4 territories. Remarks: This window is our best so far I believe, from the standpoint of attracting attention and being talked about. The coloring at night is particularly attractive with the two spot lights bringing out the colors quite vividly. We have had many residents call in and stop in to remark on the window and there have been as many as 25 people at one time looking at it out front. It has proven timely for two events, the Governors Conference and the Republican Convention in Philadelphia this week. The majority of the Governors as well as their parties also stopped by to see our display.'
'Miners walking from slope entry in background toward wash house at end of shift. Mine No. 98, Consolidation Coal Co. W. Va.'
Miners walking from the man-trip entrance to wash house on well kept ground of Mine No. 32, Consolidation Coal Co., W. Va.
Miners leaving roofed man trip car at shifts end.
Vandivert No. 32 J-33, 5-9. August 1948. View of safety-fenced mine car unloading yard and personnel overpass, Consolidation Coal Company, Fairmont, W. Va. Bituminous Coal Institute. Feb 1950. 320 Southern BLDG, Washington 5, D.C.
Vandivert J33#5-7--Haulage. Mine locomotive operator backing cut of cars into unloading yard. Note well-kept safety fence and grounds. Mine No. 32, Consolidation Coal Company, Owings, W. Va. Original photo August 1948, copy negative Jan. 1951. Use in 1950 BCI Annual, Page 15.
'Gardener cultivating flower bed on lawn in front of preparation plant, Mine No. 98, Consolidation Coal Co., W. Va.' Bituminous Coal Institute, 320 Southern Building, Washington 5, D.C. November 1948.
Plant that produces tar acids.
Disco fuel brought by conveyor to screen house and loading boom (shown), where blended and sized for market. At right, ascending conveyor.
A man is shoveling snow on the corner of Cleveland and Locust Avenue in Fairmont, West Virginia during the big snow storm of 1950.
Cars are parked along Monroe Street in Fairmont, West Virginia during the big snow storm of 1950.
The view from Madison Street looking toward Jefferson Street in Fairmont, West Virginia during the big snow storm in 1950.
Two men are shoveling snow in Fairmont, West Virginia after the big snow storm of 1950.