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'Two Joy 3-JCM and one Goodman 300 continuous miners are now in service producing coal. These machines have roof bolting machines as an integral part of their equipment. Two Joy 3-JCM machines are also being used brushing top and bottom where additional height is needed in the main haulage entries.'
Two miners operate a cutting machine. 'Credit must be given to Willaim Vandivert, 21 East Tenth St., New York 3, N.Y., Not to be reproduced without written liscense.'
'A very small cutting machine or a v.m. drilling machine. Probably a cutting machine'
Two miners work with a cutting machine at Pursglove No. 15.
Miner with drilling machine at Jamison No. 9.
Miner running a continuous mining machine.
A Joy 10 RU preparing to cut US Royal Cable at Jamison No. 9.  Stonega Coke and Coal.
Miner using a 11 BU loading machine at Jamison No. 9. Stonega Coke and Coal.
Jeffrey 290 cutting trench for 2200 volt line at Jamison No. 9.  Stonega Coke and Coal.
Two miners work with a Joy roof bolt drill at Jamison No. 9.
A modern coal cutting machine in operation at Bishop Mine.
Miner works with cutting machine at Jamison No. 9 mine.
Two miners standing next to drilling machine.
Miners work with a cutting machine prior to 'shooting down' coal at Pursglove No. 15.
Continuous mining machine on arrival at Brock No. 4 Mine before taken inside mine.
Miner using machine to cut coal.
Miner using a very small cutting machine.
Two miners dust the side walls of Mine No. 207 for safety.
A very large cutting machine being operated by a miner. 'Credit must be given to William Vandivert, Not to be reproduced without written liscense.
Two miners work with a cutting machine at Mine 206, Kentucky. 'This material is the property of the Consolidation Coal Co. and must be returned promptly to: Advertising Department, Consolidation Coal Company, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, N.Y.
Two miners at Pursglove No. 15 cut coal preparatory to shooting it down for loading.
Two miners operate a Sullivan cutting machine.
Continuous miner in action.
A continuous miner in action.
Pittsburgh Consolidation Coal Company mine.<br />
Continuous mining machine at work.
Coal cutting machine digs into the coal seam.
Miner watches as coal loads into a shuttle car.
Rear end of loaded coal car in an underground mine.
Mountaineer Coal Company, Division of Consolidation Coal Company.
Two miners operating a loading machine.
Miners using a machine to bolt the mine roof.
A coal cutter with nine foot cutting blade at work in Consol. Coal Co. Mine No. 32, Owings, W. Va.
Close-up view of roof drill in action. Man in background is tightening bolt with air powered wrench at Consol. No. 204, Jenkins, Ky.
Men at work with loading machine and shuttle car. Probably Joy Machinery.
Miners at work with loading machine and shuttle car.
Miner on a small, track mounted, cutting machine.
A miner operating a coal cutting machine.
Two men cutting coal in the parting.
Man cutting coal in Consol. Coal Co. Mine in Kentucky. Note the roof supports using jacks.
Two men operating a loading machine.
Two miners operate the breast type coal cutting machine.
A gear driven cutting machine stands on the track.
Two miners operate a track mounted coal cutting machine.
Caption on back reads, 'Making a cut in the coal face is this Mastodon of the machine age - an underground cutter.  Rubber tired for mobility, and mounting a 9-foot cutting blade armed with whirring steel bits, it can cut a full 360 degree arc.  This and similar machines give America's bituminous coal mines almost unlimited capacity for production.'
Two miners cut coal at Pursglove No. 15
Two men working with a rubber tire mounted cutting machine.
Two men using large bits to drill prior to placing charges.
Continuous miner in action.
A continuous mining machine operating in a four foot seam.
Two men standing next to a continuous mining machine.
Man operating a JMC1 continuous miner.
A large Marietta Miner Continuous Mining Machine.
Joy executives stand beside a continuous mining machine.
A continuous miner, model 2BT-2 Twin Borer, sits on display.
A Joy Manufacturing Co. Continuous Mining Machine. ML 5196 DIO57.
A Continuous Mining Machine on display above ground.
View of a Joy Continuous Mining machine.
A man inspecting a Joy Continuous Miner.