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A miner is driving a battery powered shuttle car that is self unloading to the loading station.
Miner putting bolts into the roof of a mine for support.
Miner putting bolts into the roof of a mine for support.
Miner tests for gas after shooting of coal in Bishop's Mine, Poca Fuel Co.?
Miner checking for gas on pile of coal after it was shot down.
Miner placing boards in Cavalier Mine No. 206.
Two miners operate a Sullivan cutting machine.
Miner tests for gas in mine.
Miner tests for gas in mine.
Two miners test for gas in mine. Hamilton Wright Organization Inc.  80 Rockefeller Plaza, New York City, 'Newspaper Feature News' This photograph released to you GRATIS for editorial use only. Do not use for advertising purpose without written permission.
Man tests for gas at the Jamison No. 9 Mine.
'Miners walking from slope entry in background toward wash house at end of shift. Mine No. 98, Consolidation Coal Co. W. Va.'
Miner in the process of placing charges into the coal seam at Bishop Mine.
A group of men work on excavating and old Adena Indian mound.
Miner operating a loading machine.
Miner operating a Joy Loading Machine. '180 tons a day.'
Miner operating a Joy loading machine.
Miner operating a Joy loading machine.
Miner operating a Joy continuous mining machine.
Man riding an electric car.
Two miners at Pursglove No. 15 cut coal preparatory to shooting it down for loading.
Two miners work with a cutting machine at Mine 206, Kentucky. 'This material is the property of the Consolidation Coal Co. and must be returned promptly to: Advertising Department, Consolidation Coal Company, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, N.Y.
Two miners work on putting in roof bolts in the Pittsburgh Seam. Timber jack used to hold the roof while bolting.
Two miners put bolts in to the mine rood at Jamison No. 9.
A very large cutting machine being operated by a miner. 'Credit must be given to William Vandivert, Not to be reproduced without written liscense.
Miners stand next to a large locomotive at Jamison No. 9.
Dispatcher in office outside of mine. 'Credit must be given to William Vandivert, and picture is not to be reproduced without written license.'
Miners at work. 'Mountaineer Coal Co., Division of Consolidation Coal Co.'
Miner operating the Railroad car loading control panel.
A miner watches as coal is loaded into mine cars from a shuttle car.
Two miners dust the side walls of Mine No. 207 for safety.
Miner works with coke ovens while a loading machine fills railroad cars.
Miner using a very small cutting machine.
'Shinnston, West Virginia (Jan. 1945, Joe Akers, 32 year old bituminous coal miner and 400,000 fellow miners in America's bituminous coal industry are the worlds most prosperous coal miners.' Picture shows: Joe gets his mine lamp. Its 2:45 and in 15 minutes Joe will be riding into the mine to start the day's work. These lamps, electrically operated, are turned back to the lamphouse at the end of each working day, when they are recharged by the lamphouse man. From Hamilton Wright Org. For Bituminous Coal Industry. Photo Gratis.'
Miner using machine to cut coal.
Continuous mining machine on arrival at Brock No. 4 Mine before taken inside mine.
Miners use large drill to place charges in holes deep in the coal. 'William Vandivert, Not to be reproduced without written liscense.'
Miners work with a cutting machine prior to 'shooting down' coal at Pursglove No. 15.
Miner works at unloading a shuttle car into an elevator.
Two miners standing next to drilling machine.
Miner works with cutting machine at Jamison No. 9 mine.
Miner driving a shuttle car. 'Shuttle car, fully loaded, rumbles around a curve on its way to the loading terminal where it will unload into mine cars. Such mechanized equipment has a unit cost of about $20,000. Mine No. 32, Consolidation Coal Co., Owings, W. Va.'
A modern coal cutting machine in operation at Bishop Mine.
Miner speaking in microphone at control board at Jamison No. 9.
Miner waiting for shuttle car to be loaded.
Miner unloading coal into car while it is being sprayed to retard dust.