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Two miners standing next to drilling machine.
Two men placing charges in an already drilled hole. Notice the preparatory cut on upper right hand side.
Two miners operate a cutting machine. 'Credit must be given to Willaim Vandivert, 21 East Tenth St., New York 3, N.Y., Not to be reproduced without written liscense.'
A very large cutting machine being operated by a miner. 'Credit must be given to William Vandivert, Not to be reproduced without written liscense.
Two men operating a loading machine.
Three miners hard at work as coal comes down a conveyor.  Copyright Photo by William Vandivert, 21 East Tenth Street, New York 3, N. Y.
Miners leaving roofed man trip car at shifts end.
Caption on back reads, 'Making a cut in the coal face is this Mastodon of the machine age - an underground cutter.  Rubber tired for mobility, and mounting a 9-foot cutting blade armed with whirring steel bits, it can cut a full 360 degree arc.  This and similar machines give America's bituminous coal mines almost unlimited capacity for production.'
Two miners working to support the roof in the Itmann Coal Co. mine. <br /><br />
Two miners work with a cutting machine at Pursglove No. 15.
Miner in the process of placing charges into the coal seam at Bishop Mine.
Miner works with cutting machine at Jamison No. 9 mine.
Two men running a roof bolter in Jamison No. 9 mine.
Two men with equipment putting up bolts to support the mine roof.
Two men stand beside rail cars.  A cart a motor sits in  front of them.
Miners at work. 'Mountaineer Coal Co., Division of Consolidation Coal Co.'
Front Row 'Left to Right'; N.T. Berry, North Western-Hanna, R.C. Larsen,North Western-Hanna, J.J. Larsen, North Western-Hanna. Back Row 'Left to Right'; Robert O'Conner, North Western-Hanna, J.E. Fier, North Western-Hanna, G.M. Allis, North Western-Hanna, M.L. Zhan, North Western-Hanna, Alfred Christopherson, North Western-Hanna, Harry Turner, Superintendent, Loveridge Mine.
Two dogs harnessed to coal carts. About 1890, Ohio Coal Mine. This photograph is the property of Pittsburgh Consolidation Coal Co.
Miners drill two or more holes into coal to place the explosive charges.
Men at work with loading machine and shuttle car. Probably Joy Machinery.
Miner running a continuous mining machine.
Miner putting bolts into the roof of a mine for support.
Miner using a 11 BU loading machine at Jamison No. 9. Stonega Coke and Coal.
Close-up view of roof drill in action. Man in background is tightening bolt with air powered wrench at Consol. No. 204, Jenkins, Ky.
Miner waiting for shuttle car to be loaded.
Two miners operate a track mounted coal cutting machine.
Pittsburgh Consolidation Coal Company mine.<br />
Group of miners sitting on benches relaxing.
Two miners digging coal in mine.
Two men working with a rubber tire mounted cutting machine.
Miner placing boards in Cavalier Mine No. 206.
Two miners work on putting in roof bolts in the Pittsburgh Seam. Timber jack used to hold the roof while bolting.
A miner is driving a battery powered shuttle car that is self unloading to the loading station.
Two miners take samples of coal.
A miner moves a fully loaded shuttle car down the mine shaft.
Two men cutting coal in the parting.
Miners use large drill to place charges in holes deep in the coal. 'William Vandivert, Not to be reproduced without written liscense.'
Miners stand next to a large locomotive at Jamison No. 9.
A coal cutter with nine foot cutting blade at work in Consol. Coal Co. Mine No. 32, Owings, W. Va.
Two miners drill before placing charges.
Miner works at unloading a shuttle car into an elevator.
Miners gathered in a typical Consol locker room with a modern bath house adjacent to it.
'A very small cutting machine or a v.m. drilling machine. Probably a cutting machine'
Miner using a very small cutting machine.
A Joy 10 RU preparing to cut US Royal Cable at Jamison No. 9.  Stonega Coke and Coal.
An 11BU loading machine and a Joy Shuttle car at Jamison No. 9.  Stonega Coke and Coal.
Miner drilling a hole for explosives at the Bishop Mine, Pocahontas Fuel Co.
Miner operating a Joy loading machine.
Miner on a small, track mounted, cutting machine.
Miner operating a Joy continuous mining machine.
Man tests for gas at the Jamison No. 9 Mine.
A miner watches as coal is loaded into mine cars from a shuttle car.
Two miners cut coal at Pursglove No. 15
'Shuttle Cars: Here are pictured loaded and empty shuttle cars sometimes called buggies. Note the noveyor on the bottom of the empty car for unloading the coal at a central loading station, into the mine cars. This equipment is propelled by huge batteries or electric cable and of course requires no track. Track-mounted mechanical loaders load directly into the mine car.'
Miner operating a loading machine.
A miner empties his shuttle car.
Miner works at the control panel at Jamison No. 9.
Two miners work with a Joy roof bolt drill at Jamison No. 9.
Two miners put bolts in to the mine rood at Jamison No. 9.
Miner tests for gas in mine.
Miners at work with loading machine and shuttle car.
Two miners dust the rocks at Consol Mine No. 207 for safety.
Miner drilling holes for explosives at Jamison No. 9.
Two miners riding a electric locomotive outside of a mine during the winter.
Miner works on pile of shot down coal.
Man cutting coal in Consol. Coal Co. Mine in Kentucky. Note the roof supports using jacks.
A miner operates a cart full of coal exiting the mine.
Miner standing in portal to Jamison No. 9.
'Charge being placed in the hole; notice preparatory cut in the center.'
Miner putting bolts into the roof of a mine for support.
Coal miner's shower room.
Miner operating the Railroad car loading control panel.
Miner operating a Joy loading machine.
Two men sitting on a bench in a mine in an underground mine.  Sign reads, 'It is a dischargeable offence to run over any cable.'
Two miners operate the breast type coal cutting machine.
A modern coal cutting machine in operation at Bishop Mine.
Miner using machine to cut coal.
Two miners dust the side walls of Mine No. 207 for safety.
Miner speaking in microphone at control board at Jamison No. 9.
Group portrait of miners and horses inside a mine. 'Dr. Parkinson said a copy of this picture appeared in Natural Geographic's Pictorical Study of Appalachia.'