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View looking at the building from across the tracks.
Five unidentified miners pose beside a truck loaded with coal.
Mr. Ennis, the school teacher, stands outside of the old school building. The photograph was taken in the early 1900's.
A group of men are pictured on the porch of the building. Subjects unidentified.
Engineer C. V. Berry, left, and brakeman Walter Bennett, right, are pictured with the coal company's railway engine.
A group of school children pose outside of the school building with their teachers. Subjects unidentified.
Men belonging to the Kilsyth baseball team gather together for a team photo. The team ended their 1932 season with 22 wins, 22 losses, and one tie.
In the front row, from left to right, are Dove Hunohrey, Wallace Craft, Leon Jarvis, and Cris Thompson.Standing, from left to right, are William Craft, Pete Radzue, Eddie Jarvis, Theodore Dixon, Buss Royer, and Virgil Dillon.The "bat-boys" in the forefront of the photograph are Dyke Janeski and Edgar Foster.
Cars are parked in front of the large stone building. The hospital was later renamed Raleigh General.
Photograph taken in the early 1900's shows the entrance to the Beckley National Bank, as well as Dr. Sutphin's dentistry.
People are pictured at the store entrance. The building is situated beside railroad tracks.
Men are gathered outside of the large brick building in which the Beury Brothers Coal and Coke Company store is located. Subjects unidentified.
A group of men inspect the damage caused by an explosion at the mine. Subjects unidentified.
A group of men and boys are lined up on the store's porch. Mr. B. Killy is identified as the superintendent.
Workers line up around the building waiting to receive their paychecks.
Smoke rises from a coal facility in Carbondale, W. Va., which is located in the valley between the mountains.
Photograph of the engine, built in January 1922, belonging to Campbell's Creek Railroad Co.
A group of men sit outside of the store's entrance.
Men sit on the side of the locomotive. The Mann's Creek Railroad carried coal from the Babcock Coal and Coke Company in Clifftop, W. Va. to sawmills in Landisburg, Pa.
The train was carrying lumber from Robson, W. Va. to a C. & O. station at Deepwater, W. Va before wrecking. J. S. Blake is standing on the wheel near the ground. Also pictured are D. P. Craig, William Darlington, and Pete Foster.
The train was carrying lumber from Robson, W. Va. to a C. & O. station at Deepwater, W. Va before wrecking. Pictured are O. B. Johnson, D. P. Craig, Henry Tucker, J. S. Blake, Albert Pickle, Chet Cooper, Will Hamilton, Tom Berkley, and George Harvey.
Photograph from the early 1900's, showing a group of men that are standing on the saloon porch.
Men gather at the store's entrance.
Town belonging to the miners of the Four States Coal and Coke Company.
A horse-drawn carriage advertising the company is pictured on the right. A group of men and young boys are pictured in front of the store's entrance.
Men carry coal from a railroad car and shovel coal into furnaces.
The older horse delivery method was replaced by this Ford automobile, driven by Mr. Thompson.
From left to right are Clarence Stone, George Beckingham, Fred Ohlinger, Harry Witcher, and Captain Bill Ward.
Mrs. Barney Evans Gore, left, and Dr. A. L. Hunter, right, are pictured inside the store.
Bank building in Fayetteville, Fayette County, W. Va., on the corner of Maple and Court Streets.
Cars are parked along the sidewalk where men and women walk about. The courthouse is visible to the left.
Exterior of the hospital building.
A crowd of men are pictured outside of the Fayette County National Bank on Maple Avenue.
A woman walks by the building entrance, located at the intersection of Court Street and Maple Avenue in Fayetteville.
Fire Creek is now a ghost town, located near the New River Gorge, Fayette County, W. Va.
A group of men wait by a car parked beside the Kanawha & Michigan Railroad station. The station was built in 1893.
Men and horses are gathered in front of the buildings. James L. Long, Attorney at Law and Notary Public, advertises fire, life, and accident insurance.  The Photograph Gallery advertises frames and art novelties for low prices.
Sam Japser, right, and his associate Ty Cobb, center, stand beside gasoline pumps.
A man in a police uniform sits on top of a horse while holding a gun.
A large machine paves the roadway of the bridge.
A woman and two men are pictured at the building's entrance.
Three men are pictured at the store's entrance.
Thomas G. McKell built the Kanawha, Glen Jean & Eastern Railway between Glen Jean, W. Va. and Deepwater, W. Va, a town situated on the Kanawha River. The rail line served as a means to transport coal for the McKell Coal & Coke Company, and made a connection with the C. & O. Railway as well.
A poster erected beside the building advertises for a July showing of "Franc's Minstrels," a "New York company under white management."
View looking over the pumping station and onto the road.
A group of men are pictured outside the building on a snowy day.  Several of the men hold rifles and other firearms.
The man on the left points a gun at the man on the right, who is also reaching for his gun.  Subjects unidentified.
Three men and a young boy are pictured behind the bar. In the background, Magnolia Whiskey is shelved and advertised.